Holiday Gift Cards for Employees and Customers: A Great Way to Show Your Appreciation

As the cooler months roll in, so do the reasons to send rewards, whether it's for work anniversary gifts or to thank a loyal customer their business. The question is, what kind of rewards should you send? It’s not an easy question to answer in a professional setting because you don’t always know what your employees or customers truly want or need. You also don’t know where they’re at in life.

The possibilities are endless: Maybe your accountant just got certified to teach yoga on the weekends, maybe your oldest customer is in the middle of an extensive kitchen remodel, or maybe your web developer just booked their first international trip. Instead of trying to guess the perfect gift card reward this holiday season, consider taking a different approach.

You can support the unique passions, interests, and life experiences of your customers and employees with gift card rewards. When you send a gift card, you’re ultimately inviting your customers and employees to choose their own rewards—whether it’s buying a new yoga mat, upgrading to the more expensive tile flooring, or splurging on a new camera so every moment of that special trip is captured.

Holiday Gift Cards for Employees Don’t Have to be Impersonal

Some professionals worry about the perception of holiday gift cards for employees and wonder if they come across as impersonal. Ultimately, the meaningfulness of any gift comes down to presentation. Any gift you send—whether it’s a gift card or a specific item—has the potential to fall flat without context. It’s the personal note, thank-you email, or attached card that really conveys appreciation. E-gift cards don’t have to be impersonal. In fact, many of our customers create meaningful reward experiences by customizing their email templates to include personalized and specific thank-you messages.

How to Deliver Holiday Gift Cards for Employees with a Personalized Touch

Reward Link® is our most popular solution—and for good reason. It’s the fastest, easiest way to send a choice of gift cards via email. Many of our customers use it to deliver end-of-year gift card rewards. Our email templates can be customized with a personal message, ensuring the rewards you send leave a lasting impression. Plus, we offer a variety of holiday-themed email templates you can choose from.

Some of our customers take customization a step further to create a reward experience that’s aligned with their company’s brand and messaging. 

Customize Your Employee Holiday Gift Cards with Our Options

With our standard Reward Link offering, you can send unique email templates with branded headers and personalized messages. To make your Reward Link stand out with additional customization options, you can pay a one-time, set-up fee of $450.

Holiday-Inspired Employee Gift Cards and Reward Link Designs

We offer several holiday-inspired Reward Link designs, which are available to you at no additional cost.

The Reward Experience for Recipients

Curious what the reward experience is like for recipients? They simply click the URL in the email and choose the gift card they want!

Visit our website or email to learn more about Reward Link.

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