Attract customers. Increase sales.

Deliver digital gift cards—and results. Hit your sales quota, reduce churn, and stay top of mind with incentives your customers and prospects actually want.
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Generate more leads for your business

Stream our sales and marketing incentives webinar to learn how to crush your revenue goals using impactful sales incentives. In this webinar, our VP of Marketing, Jared Bodnar, and our VP of Sales, Tip Moore dive into:

  • Why companies use sales and marketing incentives
  • How incentives can help you reach your KPIs
  • How the Tango team uses sales and marketing incentives effectively
  • How our customers use incentives
  • What to look for in an incentives partner

Incentives mean more with Tango

Our global reward catalog is filled with 1,000+ digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations. With so many options, there’s something for everyone.

Stand out from the competitive pack.

No doubt, your competitors are testing tactics for incentivizing new business and rewarding loyalty. All the price reductions, service upgrades, and free merchandise create a lot of noise. Our recommendation? Keep things simple—and powerful.

We’re the rewards and payments people, here for you

We’re a trusted global partner to companies of all sizes.

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We help sales professionals like you

Our operational time spent managing and fulfilling incentives has greatly improved. The former process took 25–30 hours per week. After partnering with Tango, we’ve reduced it to 2–3 hours. We’ve also saved the $65K we were spending annually on gift card purchasing and shipping fees.
The system is very reliable and just works. Good redemption options, good revenue share.
Easy-to-use platform, streamlined process for redemption, overall great product to distribute gift cards.

We support all types of customer acquisition programs

These are just the beginning. We can adapt to fit the unique needs of your program.

  • Service sign-ups
  • Demo or quote requests
  • Rebates
  • Spiffs
  • Reward with purchase
  • Upselling
  • Surprise and delight

Why Tango?

Instant delivery

Send customers and prospects digital gift cards immediately through email.

A world of choice

Easily empower your customers and prospects to choose from a variety of digital gift cards from loved brands.

Robust recipient support

Enjoy access to top-tier support for both you and your recipients.


Our reward solutions are free in most cases.

Flexible ordering

Order gift cards one at a time or in batches. You can even automate reward delivery with our integrations, including Salesforce.

Global reward options

Reach all your customers and prospects with locally relevant rewards, including those living internationally.

Built-in reporting

Quickly download and organize reports and a company or department level, to meet different business needs within your organization.

Security you can count on

We take the security of your data—and the data of your recipients—seriously.

When customers and prospects choose, you win

Reward Link is a fast, easy way to send customers and prospects their pick of 100+ digital gift cards. No surprise—it’s our most popular incentive solution.

1. Send Reward Links directly to your recipients via email.

2. Recipients click the redemption link in their emails, and access a reward catalog filled with 100+ digital gift cards.

3. Recipients receive the gift card of their choice instantly via email.

Incredibly easy-to-use technology

From sending through tracking, incentives should make your job easier. With our solutions, it's simple.

Send incentives on demand

Order, send, and track digital gift cards in one easy place. The Tango portal is our free self-service dashboard.
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Send incentives in the systems you’re already using

Send and automate rewards—right in your CRM, task automator, or other systems you use. Our integrations include Salesforce, Zapier, and more.
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Power incentives in your app or platform

Power rewards and incentives in your app or platform. Our API documentation makes the integration process simple.
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Deliver incentives that move people

We can help you motivate and energize prospects and customers with targeted incentives tailored to your sales goals. Let’s talk.