Gift card API

Tango’s API is a robust digital gift card API built to power rewards and incentives in today’s apps and platforms.

What is a gift card API?

At Tango, we provide a gift card API for our customers who want to provide powerful rewards and incentives in their apps and platforms. Integrating with our catalog saves customers the time, money, and effort of building their own. The gift card API lets you easily access our reward catalog and automate reward delivery. The most used API methods include posting accounts and funds, getting a verbose catalog, and posting orders.

Why use a gift card API?

Take out the guesswork. Our most popular option, the Reward Link® lets recipients choose how they spend their hard-earned reward. Ability to customize branding and catalog is available.

Gift card API features and benefits

The gift card API contains multiple methods to support simple reward automation or platform-wide implementation.


Create and fund one or multiple accounts to support a single app or a platform with multiple customers.

Reward choices

Access our catalog of gift cards, prepaid cards, donations, and more.

Reward Catalog

Our verbose catalog contains descriptions, disclaimers, reward images, and other necessary brand details.

Place orders

Have Tango send your digital gift cards using branded email templates or deliver them within your user interface.

Reports and service

Access order history, track email delivery, and resend rewards.

Four different options in one simple gift card API

Reward Link
A photo of a young person looking at their phone and smiling as they received a reward from Tango.

Take out the guesswork. Our most popular option, Reward Link®, lets recipients choose how they spend their hard-earned reward. You can also customize branding and the catalog.

Want to build a gift card catalog into your app or platform? Integrate and automate redemption for gift cards like, Starbucks, and Target to drive results with brand recognition.

Prepaid Cards

Integrate the Visa Prepaid Card and Prepaid MasterCard®–US and global digital URLs and promo codes delivered by email. A recipient can spend their value online or by phone, wherever Visa is accepted. The value can also be put onto a physical card, which can be used in stores.

Recipients can redeem their value to help others through donations to our list of non-profit partners. Integrate the ability to donate with the RaaS API.

Setting up your own gift card API

Let our team know you want to integrate by emailing
Review our user guide.
Test in the sandbox environment.
Review our user guide.
Review our user guide.
When you’re looking at digital gift cards, we needed someone that had great tools that we could plug into easily and an extension of our great user experience. When you put all those requirements together, the only option is Tango

— Andrew Phelps, Co-Founder and CEO of IncentivePilot

All your favorite global brands

Other resources

Test console and docs

Review our gift card API documentation and see the methods in action in our sandbox console.

Review documentation

Best practices deck

Our gift card API overview and best practices for designing, planning and completing your integration.

View deck

Contact and credentials

Email or fill our contact us for help planning your integration and credentials.

Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a gift card API help me?

A gift card API can help you provide powerful rewards and incentives in your app or platform. The Tango API lets you easily access our catalog and automate reward delivery.

How to get started

- Let our team know you want to integrate by emailing

- Review our user guide.

- Test in the sandbox environment.

- Share your user redemption flow with your CSM or onboarding specialist to receive production access.

- Fund your account to place live orders.
User Guide

How to place an order via a gift card API

- Create an order: Perform POST {URI}/orders to order one of the UTIDs that was returned in your GET catalog call. 

- Retrieve an order: Perform GET {URI}/orders/ {referenceOrderID} to view the details of an order you have already sent in the past.

- Resend an order: Perform POST {URI}/orders/ {referenceOrderID}/resends to resend a previous-sent order.
Learn more about the gift card API

Is there a limit on the number of gift cards you can send?

There is no limit on the number or gift cards or rewards you can send through the API.

How do you get gift card API access keys?

-Log in to the Tango portal.

- Go to Team settings on the left menu.

- Go to RaaS API keys and click Manage.

- Click Generate API Key to create a new API key.

- To make the key visible, click the eye icon next to your Active key.

- To Copy, hover with your mouse on top of the API Key and click.
Learn more about generating API keys

How do you use API keys?

You can use the platform name and API key to call the Tango API or test it using the test console.
Learn more about authenticating with Tango

How Long does it take to integrate with Tango’s gift card API?

The integration timeline depends on the needs of each program and platform.

Can you test API requests?

- Yes, our test console and demo credentials are available for customers to test API requests. 

- Once you are ready to receive your own credentials or ask questions, get in touch with your Tango representative or email us at You will be able to test out the API calls in this reference guide with your own credentials.
Access the test console

How do bulk orders work?

Customers can place bulk orders by uploading a CSV file of recipient names and email addresses.
Learn more about bulk orders

Learn more and get credentials

We're here to help you plan your integration, facilitate brand approvals, and provide program support. While there are public test credentials available, you’ll need to contact us for your sandbox and production API credentials.