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Tango believes that rewards, incentives, and payments are more than transactions. They’re opportunities to fuel stronger relationships with people, and better performance for business. Whether you’re focused on customer loyalty or employee engagement, wellness or research participation, we can help you seamlessly send smiles and drive results.

Our journey

"When I started Tango back in 2009, I believed we could fundamentally improve the industry for businesses that used rewards, incentives, and payments—and for the recipients on the receiving end. Companies were sending physical items that couldn't be integrated into core workflows, and the economics and the pricing seemed overly complex. Additionally, there wasn't a focus on the experience of the recipient. We set out to change this, focusing on digital rewards and incentives that could be integrated with modern applications, simplifying pricing and economics, and making the experience awesome for the recipient. We believed that, by doing this, we would help businesses increase impact and deliver the business results they were focused on. We’ve come a long way on this journey, and see so many more ways to help the companies we work with.

Three beliefs lead to Tango's launch in 2009. First, we observed that rewards, incentives, and payments were physical and we believed that companies would want to deliver rewards, incentives, and payments digitally. Second, we believed companies would want rewards, incentives, and payments integrated into technology workflows they were already using.  And third, we believed businesses deserved better support and simpler pricing and economics that were available at the time.  All of this culminated in incredible room to innovate and, more importantly, make rewards and payments easy to send and awesome to receive."

—David Leeds, Founder & CEO, Tango


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Tango completed a large growth equity financing with FTV Capital in May of 2018. Tango was FTV's 100th investment. Since 1998, FTV has been partnering with successful and motivated management teams to accelerate transformative growth. FTV has deep experience in FinTech and related Payments Companies.

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