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Global Choice Link

Sending global rewards is easy with Tango.

You can now send one link that can be instantly redeemed for the best brands from around the world. Recipients simply select their country and currency to view their curated reward options.

Explore rewards and payouts by country

Our catalog keeps growing, along with your choices for rewarding and paying recipients all over the world. We have offerings in 225+ countries—and counting.
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Incredibly easy-to-use technology

Send rewards using the Tango portal, your app, or the systems 
you already use. Whatever you choose, we make it easy.

The Tango portal

Tango is our free, self-serve dashboard. Send, manage, and track rewards, incentives, and payouts in one place.

Gift card API

Our gift card API lets you add gift cards, prepaid cards, and payouts in your app or platform. Gain instant access to 1,000+ reward options in 225+ countries with this single, lightweight API.

Simple Integrations

Automate and send rewards and payouts from the systems you already use. Current integrations include Salesforce, Qualtrics, HubSpot, Workato, Zapier, and Slack.

Deliver joy to all of your recipients around the world

With Tango, your recipients receive flexible rewards, a great 
reward experience, and expert support.

Instant digital delivery

Rewards arrive immediately in recipients’ email inboxes.

Local currency conversion

Gift cards, prepaid cards, and payouts arrive to recipients in their local currency.

Expert support

Recipient support through email and phone included with your program.


Email templates can be customized with a personalized message for each recipient.

Expanded choice

With Reward Link, recipients can choose exactly what they want from a catalog curated for their country.

Language translation

Converted text from one language to another, preserving meaning and context.

Deliver joy to all of your
recipients around the world

Let your recipients choose their own rewards,
incentives, and payouts with Reward Link.

Reward Link is a fast, easy way to send recipients their pick of popular digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations. Send your customers, employees, and respondents a catalog curated to their country and currency—now available in 50+ countries.

What your global program needs

Work with the world's most sophisticated global rewards and payouts provider to check all the right boxes—including the ones you didn't even know you needed.
Global support

Gain top-tier support from our team of international program experts. Country by country, we’ll help you pick catalog options that will wow your recipients.

Security and compliance

We take the security of your data—and the data of your recipients—seriously.  We go above and beyond for security, fraud prevention, and compliance, including PCI, ISO, and regular monitoring

Clear pricing

Tango is free to use. 100% of your budget goes to the rewards you send—not to added fees—in most cases

Customer and recipient support

Tango is free to use. 100% of your budget goes to the rewards you send—not to added fees—in most cases

Send global rewards and payouts

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