We’ve expanded our global reward catalog

Tango is now a leader in global gift card fulfillment. We released our expanded global reward catalog today, which includes more than 1,000 gift card brands in over 80 countries around the world. That covers 97% of the world’s population! Now, our customers have the ability to reach more recipients than ever before.

Simple solutions, better deliverability

Our simple solutions allow businesses to easily send digital gift cards to recipients around the world. Our direct relationships with global suppliers help reduce costs, gain in-country expertise, and deliver a robust global reward experience for our customers.

Best-in-class support

With reward, payment, or incentive programs it’s important to understand the local market and choose the best options for your recipients. Our best-in-class representatives from all over the world—from Dubai to France to the United Kingdom—can help you customize your catalog to fit your program’s needs. They can offer key information on the most popular and impactful gift card brands in key countries.

More connected than ever

"Businesses today are more connected across the world stage than ever before, and we knew it was important to have a framework that recognizes that going into 2023. As a global leader, Tango’s aim is to remove all the tedious roadblocks that have so far prevented businesses from sharing joyful rewards from across the world.”

—David Leeds, Founder and CEO of Tango

International rewards with Tango now include:

Popular options

Our global reward catalog now includes 1,000+ popular gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations.

Worldwide offerings

Our reward catalog now covers 80+ countries and 20+ currencies.

Instant delivery

Rewards are delivered instantly through email.

Personalized messages

Reward emails can be customized and include a personalized message.

Currency conversion

Gift cards can now be bought in USD and delivered in local currency.

Tailored reward catalogs

Our subject matter experts are available to help choose the best options for your program.

Renowned support

We have dedicated customer support teams for both you and your recipients.

Are you interested in setting up a global reward, payment, or incentive program? Or do you want to refresh a program that’s already in place? Request a demo to see how you can tailor your reward catalog to your company’s needs and reach more of your recipients than ever before.

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