Order. Send. Track.

Tango’s free, self-serve portal makes it easy to send and manage digital gift cards and payments in one place.

For senders, like you

The Tango portal does it all.

Order, send, and track digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and payouts in one easy-to-use dashboard.

1. Order

Order rewards one at a time or in bulk—in less than five minutes.

2. Send

Rewards are delivered directly to your recipients’ inboxes and can be redeemed immediately.

3. Track

With robust program reporting, you can download order and funding history, monitor delivery, manage sent rewards, and control gift card spend.

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It doesn't cost us more to implement rewards. In fact, it saves us time and money by eliminating the manual processes and postage.

Brett Christiansen,
Marketing Director, AdvancedMD Software

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Our portal is super smart.
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Analyze spend. Improve performance.

Your work doesn’t end when a reward is sent. In some ways, that’s when it begins. See what happens to the rewards you send, analyze your spend, and ensure your recipients are having a great experience. You can do all this—and more—with our in-depth reporting.

  • Filter your entire reward history
  • See exactly what happens to the rewards you send
  • See which brands recipients choose from our catalog
  • Identify undelivered emails, and easily cancel or resend rewards instantly
  • Download ad-hoc reports at an organization, group, or account level

SaaS integrations create seamless connections

Our reward catalog can seamlessly connect to the software you use everyday, including Salesforce, Qualtrics, and Zapier. You can send digital gift cards directly from your apps with the click of a button, or through automated delivery as part of a workflow. Combined with the Tango portal, you’ll have access to customizable email templates and in-depth reporting, everything you need to drive results.

Power rewards in your app or platform

The reward solutions we offer all work together to support your program, and that includes the Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API. It’s a fully-loaded digital gift card API built to power rewards and incentives in your app or platform. And it offers the flexibility you need to scale your program. 

Simply build your API integration to fit the purpose of your program and rely on the Tango portal for everything else—like reporting or managing your API keys

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It’s simple. Your team and recipients deserve the most rewarding experience. We can help you deliver it.