Disbursement Link

Payments made faster, and more secure.

It’s simple. With Disbursement Link, you save time on payouts, and your recipients choose how they get paid.
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How it works

Easy as 1-2 (really).

For senders, it’s a seamless payment solution. For recipients, it’s a quick choice of payment type—direct deposit to bank via ACH, reloadable debit cards, PayPal, or merchant gift cards.

1. You send

Disbursement Link is sent directly to your contacts via email.

2. They choose

Your contacts simply click the Disbursement Link and choose their payout option.

Disbursement Link benefits

Speed, security, and support.

Popular payment options

Your recipients choose how they accept payments—from direct deposit, reloadable debit cards, PayPal, or merchant gift cards.

Modern solutions

Send and track Disbursement Links through our free, self-serve portal.

Top-tier recipient support

Our built-in recipient help center saves time and effort, so you can stay focused on your core business.

No paper checks

Disbursement Link is completely digital—no more paper checks that get damaged or lost.

Data security

We fulfill payments using only the name and email address of your recipients. No additional data required.

Ready to give payees their pick?

Payouts are better with Tango. Find out how Disbursement Link can help make payments amazingly easy—for both senders and recipients.