Deliver smiles, safely and securely

A successful rewards and incentives program is a secure program. We check the boxes on many compliance areas—such as PCI or ISO—all in service of YOU.
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Rock solid support for your success

We’re in the business of delivering rewards and incentives. And that means making sure protections are in place so the right reward gets to the right recipient. We prioritize data privacy by only requiring an email address in order to fulfill most rewards.

Above and beyond

With millions of redemptions and payments every month, we view customer program management, transaction protection, reward delivery, and security monitoring as mission critical.

People and places

Our employees are devoted to customer satisfaction and data protection. We know security starts with people having the right knowledge to make great decisions. It begins with regularly training people on security hygiene, protection of data, and compliance requirements.

Host and network

We implement security configurations that are prescribed as correct and most effective for securing our systems and infrastructure. A few examples of the safeguards in place include an intrusion detection system, web application firewall, managed security groups, and multi-factor identity and access management.

Information and data

Protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our customers’ data is critical to the success of their programs. That’s why any information transmitted between our customers’ endpoint, our hosting platforms or data centers, uses strong encryption.

Product management and development

We integrate security inspection in each stage of the software development lifecycle. We train our engineers in secure coding, perform threat modeling during design, implement security testing, and continuously perform attack surface analysis.

Operations and monitoring

Our safeguards extend beyond preventative protections. We consider detection, response, and recovery as an integral part of our comprehensive security program. Our 24/7/365 detections include monitoring the logs of endpoint, infrastructure, or cloud services logs for anomalies events.

Earning your trust every day

Our team has worked hard to build a comprehensive  program to monitor transaction risk. With millions of redemptions every single month, we view fraud protection and monitoring as mission critical.

Know Your Business (KYB)

As a Money Services Business, we support and commit to Anti-Money Laundering and the Bank Secrecy Act compliance programs. To comply, we validate business credentials as part of our comprehensive Know Your Business review.

Fund Protections

We establish account funding limits and use specialized vendor services—both automated fraud protections and decision managers—to flag and alert suspicious funding transactions. Funding and ordering can take place within our self-serve web portal.

Order Monitoring

We also have safeguards in place when ordering rewards. Before a customer places an order, we set order transaction velocity metrics, and when they trigger, our transaction team notifies the customer, or their account simply freezes automatically.

Recipient Redemption Monitoring

If you choose our Choice Products we can help ensure that the human you sent the reward to is the human who actually redeemed it.

Send rewards and incentives—with smiles and security built right in.

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