Employee Christmas gift ideas 2024

As the end of the year approaches, it's important to consider how we can show our appreciation for those who have worked alongside us throughout the year. The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude with a thoughtful Christmas gift for our employees, colleagues, and bosses.

Gift-giving during this time is not just about tradition, but it also serves as a heartfelt gesture of thanks for the hard work, dedication, and commitment that employees and coworkers have shown over the past year. It's all about acknowledging the efforts of those who contribute to our success and creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Whether you're a small business owner, a manager in a large corporation, or just someone looking to spread a little holiday cheer in the office, there are some great gift ideas you can consider.

Benefits and considerations of holiday gift giving

The tradition of gift-giving during the holiday season extends beyond family gatherings and friendly catch-ups—it has also found its place in the corporate environment. But why has it become so significant?

In the workplace, giving holiday gifts is a meaningful way to show gratitude. It's a powerful gesture that says, "I value your hard work, both seen and unseen." This act of acknowledgment brings joy and satisfaction, while also fostering a culture of respect and worth in the organization.

Employees who feel recognized and appreciated are more likely to be engaged and satisfied at work. This sense of satisfaction can significantly boost productivity levels, as employees are more motivated to perform at their best when they feel valued.

Recognition also aids in employee retention. Employees who feel appreciated are less likely to look for opportunities elsewhere, thus lowering turnover rates.

Gift ideas for employees

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your employees can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. These thoughtful and unique gift ideas will brighten your team's holiday season. And the best part? All of these gifts can be easily purchased with a gift card, giving your employees the flexibility to choose something they'll truly love.


For those on your team who love to read, a gift card to a reputable local or online bookstore could be ideal. Whether they're aficionados of suspense-filled thrillers, fans of motivating self-help books, history buffs who love biographies, or professionals looking to expand their knowledge, they'll certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gift.

Instead of guessing what book they might enjoy, a gift card allows them to choose their next literary adventure.

Board games

Promote quality family bonding with a gift card to a toy store or an online game retailer. With this, your employees can handpick a board game that their entire family will enjoy. The options are endless, from classics like Scrabble and Monopoly to contemporary favorites like Ticket to Ride or Catan.

Noise-canceling headphones

In today's remote work environment, where video calls have become a staple, a great pair of noise-canceling earphones can be a highly appreciated gift. A gift card to an electronics retailer lets your employees choose from an extensive range of brands and models. They can select one that aligns with their needs, comfort preferences, and aesthetic choices.

With the right pair of earphones, they can transform their workspace into a productivity hub, making their virtual meetings and work sessions much more efficient and enjoyable.

Chocolate gift box

Who can resist the allure of a sweet treat? A gift card to a local chocolatier or a candy store allows your employees to indulge in their favorite chocolates or sweets. They can experiment with new flavors, discover handcrafted chocolates, or simply create their dream chocolate gift box. This delectable treat is sure to bring a touch of sweetness to their holidays.

Personalized notebooks

A personalized notebook can be a unique and practical gift. A gift card to a stationery store allows them to choose a notebook that matches their personal style, whether they prefer a minimalist design, a vibrant pattern, a leather-bound classic, or even an eco-friendly option.

In addition to the notebook, they can also pick up other office supplies they might need, from ergonomic pens and vivid markers to innovative sticky notes and stylish desk organizers. This gift supports their daily tasks and might inspire new ideas and projects.

Personal fitness equipment

Health and wellness have been at the forefront of everyone's minds recently. A gift card to a sports or fitness store could be an excellent way to show your support for your employee's health and wellness interests. They can use it to purchase personal fitness equipment like yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, or even a fitness tracker.

Whether they're seasoned fitness enthusiasts or just starting their wellness journey, this thoughtful gift allows them to customize their fitness regimen according to their needs.

Movie tickets

A gift card to a local theater or a subscription to a streaming service can be a great way for your employees to unwind during the holiday season. They can catch up on the latest releases, dive into a new series, or enjoy their favorite classics from the comfort of their home.

Personalized desk accessory

A personalized desk accessory can add a touch of individuality to your employee's' workspace. A gift card to a stationery or office supplies store can allow them to choose a desk accessory
that suits their style.

From monogrammed notebooks to custom mouse pads, engraved pen holders, and unique desk organizers, the options are endless. This gift enhances their office aesthetics and serves a practical purpose, making their work environment more organized and efficient.

Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames are a modern twist on a classic gift. They offer a great way to keep family photos, vacation memories, or motivational quotes visible throughout the workday. A gift card to an electronics store can let your employees choose a digital photo frame that fits their style and tech preferences.

Some digital frames even have features like Wi-Fi connectivity, slideshow settings, and cloud storage. It's a personal and thoughtful gift that blends sentimentality with technology.


What are the best Christmas gift ideas for employees?

The best gift ideas often reflect the recipient's interests and needs, making them feel
appreciated and valued. For employees, consider gift cards that can help them purchase the

  • Personalized items: Coffee mugs, T-shirts, or stationery with their name or initials.
  • Tech gadgets: Portable chargers, wireless earbuds, or ergonomic mouse pads can be useful for employees.
  • Subscription services: A month or year of a streaming service, a book club, or a gourmet food box.
  • Wellness gifts: Yoga mats, stress balls, or desk plants can promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Luxury food and drink: High-quality chocolate, gourmet coffee, or a bottle of wine can be a great treat.
  • Books: Choose a best-seller or a book that aligns with their interests.

Is it okay to give money as a holiday gift to employees?

Yes, giving money as a holiday gift to employees is generally acceptable, but the acceptability often depends on the company's culture and policies. Bonus checks or gift cards can be a good way to express appreciation for employees' work. However, including a personalized note or card is also important to make the gift feel more personal and thoughtful.

Where can I find unique and meaningful gifts for employees?

While several online shops and local stores offer unique and meaningful gifts for employees, it can be difficult to find the right one. Tango is a great option to explore, we offer gift cards from
some of the world’s top retailers, along with prepaid cards and charitable donation options. You can easily browse through our extensive selection and pick one that matches your employee's interests and needs.

How much should be spent on employee gifts during Christmas?

The amount spent on employee gifts during Christmas depends on the company's budget and workforce size. As a guideline, many companies spend between $10 and $50 per employee.

However, if you have a smaller team, you might choose to spend more. Remember, the thought is what counts most, not the cost of the gift.

Are there any interesting corporate gifting ideas this Christmas season?

Absolutely, there are always fresh and interesting corporate gifting ideas:

  • Custom illustration: Hire an artist to create custom illustrations or caricatures of your team.
  • Online classes or experiences: Give your employees the gift of learning with a masterclass in a field they're interested in or a virtual tour of a famous museum.
  • Eco-friendly gifts: Items like reusable water bottles, bamboo desk organizers, or seeds for indoor plants.
  • High-end stationery: A quality notebook, a set of nice pens, or a stylish desk calendar.
  • Local gifts: Support local businesses by gifting locally-made food, drinks, or artisanal products.
  • Charity donations: Allow your employees to make a donation to the non-profit organization of their choice.

Unique corporate holiday gift iIdeas

While gift cards are an easy and popular option, there are other unique corporate holiday gift ideas that can show your appreciation for employees in other creative ways.

Charitable donations

In an era where social responsibility is increasingly important, consider empowering your employees to make charitable donations to the non-profit organizations closest to their hearts. With a Reward Link they can split their reward balance between multiple organizations.

This thoughtful gesture demonstrates your commitment to giving back and respect for your employees' passions.

Workplace upgrades

Gifts that enhance the workplace environment can have a lasting impact. Consider high-quality office chairs, ergonomic keyboards, standing desks, or noise-canceling headphones.

These upgrades are a tangible expression of your appreciation and show your commitment to their comfort and well-being at work.

Knowledge enhancement

Invest in your employees' personal and professional growth. Offer them online course subscriptions, language learning software, or books from influential figures in your industry.

You could also consider memberships to professional organizations in their field. This type of gift underscores your commitment to their ongoing development and success.

Extra time off and team outings

Nothing says "we appreciate you" quite like extra time off. Consider giving a bonus vacation day or a half day once a week during the holiday season. If you want to foster team bonding,
organize a group outing such as a dinner at a nice restaurant, a day at a spa, or an adventurous team-building activity like an escape room.

Show your gratitude with meaningful gifts this season

Presenting gifts from categories that align with your employees' hobbies and interests is an impactful way to demonstrate your appreciation for them. Whether giving a practical and useful item or an experience, the act of gifting will show your employees how valued they are this holiday season.

Partners like Tango simplify gift-giving by offering access to a catalog full of popular gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations. With so many options, you can be sure your employees will find something they'll enjoy.

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