E-Gift Cards Are the Best Employee and Customer Rewards

Gift cards have ranked as the most desired gift for over 12 years in a row, but this consumer favorite also translates to the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Whether you’re incentivizing employees for a job well done or thanking customers for choosing your company, e-gift cards offer a personalized, convenient reward that suits everyone.

Employees and Customers Want E-Gift Cards

When giving a gift, it’s often said that it’s the thought that counts. E-gift cards elevate the giving experience by empowering your recipient to choose the gift they want to receive. Our vast catalog offers myriad reward options, including non-profit donations, and our digital format delivers a reward to your recipient’s inbox in less than 60 seconds.

A Variety Of Options

Are you unsure what your employee or customer wants? Let them decide! While a gift card allows employees or customers to choose any product a retailer offers, a choice product like the Reward Link goes even further to provide recipients access to dozens of retailers. Your employee or customer is empowered to choose the reward that best suits their needs, and they can even split up their e-gift card total to choose multiple rewards from our catalog. Even the most indecisive person will be able to find something they like.

Seamless Recipient Experience

Sent straight to email, accessed on a computer or mobile device, and easily spent online or in store—e-gift cards meet your recipient where they want to spend, when they want to spend.

E-Gift Cards Fit Your Needs

E-gift cards are the perfect reward —and sending them through Rewards Genius makes rewarding even easier:

  • Easy to send—The most desirable reward is also the easiest to send. Rewards Genius makes it easy to send e-gift cards in our fully tracked, self-serve business portal.
  • Easily customizable—It’s important to feature your company and messaging with your reward. In fact, most people remember how they spent their gift card and associate enjoyment of their purchase with the company or individual that gave it to them. Luckily, e-gift cards offer an easy way to add branding and custom messaging, whether you’re sending ten or thousands.
  • Cost effective—Most e-gift cards have no fees associated with them, which means a $25 e-gift card costs $25.
  • Built-in tracking—With the ability to track email delivery, redemption, budgets, and total spending, your finance department will be happy to have access to full reporting.

What’s Next?

Email us to discover how e-gift cards and Rewards Genius can help make your gift, reward, and incentive program even stronger.

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