Holiday Rewards for Employees

Looking for inspiration? Download our holiday rewards guide!

Holiday Rewards That Reach All Employees

Send holiday rewards to all your employees—whether they work from home, at the office, or a mix of both. With Reward Link, you can send employees a choice of digital gift cards, instantly through email.

Why Reward Link?



Popular Choices

Employees choose from 100+ digital gift cards. See our full reward catalog here.

Instant Delivery

Digital gift cards are sent directly to employees via email.

Customization Options

Customize our email templates with your logo and branding—and include a personalized message.

Immediate Satisfaction

Employees can immediately redeem the digital gift card they choose.

No Transaction Fees

100% of your budget goes to the reward—not to added fees.

No Shipping Concerns

Avoid the stress of long lead times and high shipping costs.

Recipient Support

Employees can contact our support team with any questions or technical issues.

Global Options

Do you have employees who live internationally? Our global reward catalog has something for everyone.

Self-Serve Ordering

Order Reward Links one at a time or in bulk, whenever you need them.

How Reward Link Works


Reward Link is our most popular solution—and for good reason! You can send it directly to your employees via email. Employees simply click the redemption URL in the email, and they’re directed to a reward catalog filled with 100+ digital gift cards choose from.


Customize the Reward Experience


Customize our email templates with your company’s brand and messaging.



Take Customization a Step Further

Make your Reward Link stand out with additional customization by paying a one-time set-up fee of $450.

Our Employees Love Reward Link

See how five Tango Card employees spent their Reward Links last season. Download our holiday rewards guide!

Experience Reward Link

Curious what the reward experience is like for employees?

Looking for inspiration?

Download our holiday rewards guide!

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