Using Secure Incentives for Research Studies

One of the top questions asked when inquiring about the use of e-gift cards as incentives for research participation is, “Are we allowed to use this?” The short answer is yes, but it’s important to differentiate why we’re the best option for your incentive needs.

Experienced And Compliant Data Processor

We’re an experienced, compliant data processor only using the names and email addresses required to deliver rewards. By that, we mean we’re PCI compliant, GDPR compliant, and capable of executing HIPPA BAAs specific to name and email address. We also have a standard HIPPA sub-BAA ready to go that is specific to names and email addresses.

We work with hundreds of companies and universities to fulfill digital incentives related to healthcare, wellness, and research. When you choose to fulfill your rewards with us, you can trust that your data will be processed safe and secure, always protecting the identity of your research participants.

E-Gift Cards Generate Proven Results

E-gift cards are great for incentivizing participation in research and allow you to reward your participants with the #1 requested gift for 12 years running. Beyond that, using our specific services has proven to increase recruitment across almost all customers, saving time and money with our simple administration.

Automate Incentive Delivery with Integrations

We offer a convenient way to automate incentive delivery with the following integrations:

Click here to learn how partnering with us can help facilitate your simple and secure research incentives.

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