Qualtrics and Tango

Create a Qualtrics task to automatically deliver Reward Links upon survey completion.
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Automate survey incentives

Qualtrics and Tango make it easier than ever to automate participant incentives.

Real-time send

Trigger gift cards in real time—seconds after survey completion.

Easy to use

Tango is a Task in Qualtrics—making it easy to build into surveys.

Protect your money

Build conditions around your Task and parameters around your incentive.

Less hassle

No more SDKs, coding, or spreadsheets to track incentive fulfillment.

Desirable incentives

Participants receive Reward Links, which give them a choice of 100+ popular gift card brands.

Qualtrics & Tango resources

Check out these resources to see how Qualtrics x Tango can help you save valuable time administering rewards. Automating incentive delivery works. Check out our articles and webcasts to learn more.

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Using secure incentives for research studies

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Start delivering joy today

There’s a better way to send rewards, incentives, and payments. Let’s talk.