Marketers, Researchers & Academics Increase Survey Engagement with Digital Incentives

Running a survey or research study takes time and money to set up, and you don’t always get the response rate you’re hoping for because respondents often need a nudge to participate.

That’s why Tango Card has partnered with Qualtrics to help organizations deliver incentives as part of their experience-management programs—making things easier for everyone. By fully integrating Rewards Genius, our self-serve, incentive-management platform, Qualtrics XM–platform users can incentivize participation in over 140 countries with digital rewards. Oh, and if you use Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo to manage your surveys instead, check out our Zaps!

Paired with industry-leading customer support, Tango Card makes incentives easy to send and spend—meaning experience-management professionals can focus on their work instead of worrying about the incentives component.

Who’s using Tango Card’s Qualtrics integration? Researchers, marketers, and academics regardless of the size of their organization or program all benefit, so let’s check out a small sample of Qualtrics users currently leveraging Rewards Genius to incentivize their respondents.

Market & UX Researchers

Sometimes even the best survey design needs incentives to help get the number of responses required to complete a study.

Even more important is picking the right incentive type and amount for the intended audience. Sometimes that means changing the incentive amount in the middle of fielding. In Rewards Genius, researchers can instantly adjust fielding dates and incentive values to align with their Qualtrics survey. And because every incentive is tracked, researchers will always know which respondents received what and when.

Marketers & Community Managers

Speed matters when marketers and community managers need feedback and valuable insight from community members. By rewarding those members who complete actions—from the smallest to the largest—you’ll often see more engagement, which means quicker response times.

And with the flexibility of Tango Card’s Qualtrics integration, it’s easy to make things right with an A/B-tested incentive whenever the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) drops for a particular segment.

Academic Researchers

Academic researchers at institutions of every size are using Rewards Genius to incentivize research participants. Our business model meets IRB requirements and it’s free, which means 100% of an academic’s approved budget goes directly towards incentives. Unparalleled first-tier customer support also means you don’t have to spend time fielding incentive issues on behalf of your participants.

What’s Next

Every day, we’re driven by the constant flow of new studies, campaigns, and programs presented to us by Qualtrics customers. If you’d like to learn more about how Rewards Genius and digital incentives can help bolster your research and marketing efforts, email us.

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