The Tango Portal Has Facilitated More Than $10 Million in Non-Profit Donations

We reached an exciting milestone this month: More than $10 million in donations for non-profit organizations have been facilitated through the Tango portal.

We work with companies that use rewards, incentives, and payments to drive business results in employee recognition, team engagement, client acquisition, customer loyalty, incentivized research, and others. Our customers seamlessly connect with our self-serve portal and then have access to more than 1,000 digital merchant gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donation choices. In many programs, the recipient of the reward or payment has the option of donating a portion—or all—of what they received to one of our non-profit partners, which include the American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, Clean Water Fund, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and many others.

“When we created the Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) category in 2010, we had a vision to ensure that reward, incentive, and payment recipients would get the maximum utility from the value they received. Sometimes, this would mean getting a gift card for their favorite restaurant or a prepaid card to use wherever they want. However, we also believed that the recipient may be most excited to give to a non-profit with a mission near and dear to their hearts,” said David Leeds, CEO and founder of Tango. “We've seen almost every other company in the rewards and incentives space follow our lead here. This is incredibly positive, and most importantly, the biggest beneficiaries are the non-profits we have partnered with. On behalf of these partners and Tango, I want to thank reward and payment recipients for making more than $10M in contributions. This is a huge milestone!”

We now support customers operating in more than 80 countries. We’ve led the industry into the digital age, provided material innovation around non-profits, and now leads the industry as it becomes increasingly global. We make each enterprise customer the hero and we’re known as the company that gets things done.

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