Rust-Oleum + Tango Card: Smoothing the Process of Quality Improvement

Lisa works with Tango Card to reward associates who have identified a problem with a current process and offer a solution. This is known as the Quality Improvement Opportunity (QIO). Lisa herself was awarded when she implemented her own rewards program powered by Tango Card. By actively identifying an issue in their prior incentives program, Lisa was able to implement a new solution to the process by working with Tango Card to provide associates with great rewards in a hassle-free way. We sat down with Lisa Brown, who is on the Corporate Engagement team at Rust-Oleum.

Thanks for chatting with us, Lisa. Can you describe Rust-Oleum and what you do for your customers?

The benefits of our user engagement/participation include the ability for us to generate a reward email to multiple award recipients on a quarterly basis. This enables us to work with Tango to track which recipients have redeemed their rewards/incentives to allow us to follow-up with our users/award recipients with a friendly email reminder to redeem their reward. In addition, we are looking to expand our Tango partnership with rolling out Tango to our European and International locations on a quarterly basis (QIO incentives). 

That’s great! What about in operational time spent managing and fulfilling incentives?

The benefits of working with Tango have saved us about 8 hours/per month or 32 hours per fiscal year in managing/fulfilling quarterly incentives.

Wow, that’s a lot! How about with money or working capital?

We determined that we are saving approximately $20,000 annually in hours/salary and American Express processing fees utilizing Tango Card for our QIO rewards/incentives.

That’s a big number! Are there any specific ways in which Tango Card has demonstrated a commitment to Partnership?

Our account rep, Brian Crowley, has demonstrated a commitment to partnership with Rust-Oleum on many occasions through his tireless e orts to accommodate our requests and assist us in streamlining the process. In addition, he has responded to all our requests in a timely manner and has offered solutions to some objections (i.e., reward certificates at our Plant and DC locations to enable them to award year-end prizes via Tango Card). He worked tirelessly in assisting us to prepare the reward certificates during the month of June. He has also demonstrated a commitment to partner with us by suggesting a Visa Card option which we are hoping will bring our Plant and DC managers/associates on board with utilizing Tango for QIO rewards beginning with this current fiscal year.

Prior to Tango Card, we were issuing American Express gift cards to all QIO award recipients across all of our locations.

About Rust-Oleum

Founded in 1921, Rust-Oleum was founded on the principle of providing innovative products that protect surfaces from the elements. With a focus on sustainability, Rust-Oleum is the leading manufacturer of premium consumer and industrial paint and coating products.

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About Tango Card

Tango Card makes it easy for you to send digital gift cards as rewards and incentives to customers and employees. they make three promises to all of their partners: Great rewards, Expert service, and Helpful technology. Tango Card’s Gift Card API and instant reward platforms allow for easy, effective and timely rewards whether you need a deep integration or a same-day campaign. tango Card manages all the details of a rewards program so that you can focus on your business. Hundreds of companies have sent millions of rewards through Tango Card’s services and over 99% become returning customers, a testament to Tango Card’s partnership approach. Choose Tango Card as your rewards partner and uncover real, immediate results.

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