Rewards to Use at Home

Rewards for right now⁠—send a choice of food delivery gift cards to show appreciation to employees and customers during this stressful time.

Give Great Options with Reward Link

Send your people a choice of gift cards all in one reward. We have a Reward Link ready to go with great food-delivery options. You can also customize your catalog to include options for other home-delivery services, streaming and gaming services, and charitable donations.

Easily Send Rewards with Rewards Genius

Rewards Genius is a self-serve dashboard for ordering Reward Links one at a time or in bulk. If you prefer a more manual process, we make it easy for you to send us a spreadsheet of names and email addresses so that we can send Reward Links out on your behalf.

How to Get Started


You can be assisted immediately by emailing

If you wish to self-serve with Rewards Genius, here is a quick guide:

  • Sign up on the Rewards Genius web site.
  • Once registered, we have an online help center guide for Getting Started
  • The help guide is also searchable by topic!
  • All completed registrations will be assigned for outreach/offering a demo, but if you have a question you can reach out to for immediate assistance (regardless of registration status).

Once registered, you’ll need to request that Reward Link Delivery be added to your catalog.

Example Campaign


The Tango Card leadership team, and other leadership teams, have been sending meals to their employees to say thanks.

Here’s an example of messaging:

Dear Employee,

It is critical for the health of ourselves, our families, and our communities that we continue to work from home and follow the recommendations from our local officials. We acknowledge and understand that working from home means something different for everyone, and as a recognition of your continued effort to remain productive from home we would like to give you an option to get a great meal from a local restaurant delivered straight to your door!