Why You Should Choose Our Gift Card API

You’re looking for a digital gift card API that can power rewards and incentives. We can help.

Our Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API is a robust digital gift card API built to power rewards and incentives in your app or platform. Our API documentation makes the integration process simple and easy.


Table of Contents

What to Expect From Our API
What it’s Like to Work with Us
How We Keep Your Recipient Information Safe
What Our API Customers Are Saying
Support for You and Your Employees
Simplified, Easy Reporting
Test Console and Documentation
What to Expect From Our API

Our API documentation makes it easy for you to integrate a reward catalog and automate reward delivery. In fact, we help thousands of enterprise customers create modern, engaging reward programs in their apps and platforms. With the Tango Card API, you can:

Align a Funding Structure
Create and fund one or multiple accounts to support a single app or a platform with multiple customers.

Access Global Rewards
Access our global catalog of 650+ e-gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations.

Use Our Brand Guidelines
Access our catalog descriptions, disclaimers, merchant logos, and other brand details using our brand guidelines API call.

Place Orders
Have us send your e-gift cards on branded email templates or deliver them within your user interface.

Pull Reports
Access order history, track email delivery, and resend rewards.

Get Help
You’ll work with an onboarding specialist, customer success manager, and a business development team member.

Our Reward Catalog

We curate a global catalog of the most popular gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations because great rewards drive great results. With our API, you have access to up-to-date descriptions, disclaimers, reward images, and other necessary brand details—everything you need to integrate a full catalog into your app or platform.

Your Customization Options

You have two options when it comes to e-gift card delivery: Send them within your user interface or deliver them using our email templates. Our email templates can be fully customized with your company’s brand and messaging.

What it’s Like to Work with Us
Our goal is to help you achieve meaningful business results. Here’s what it’s like to work with us.

No exclusivity agreement

Quick, easy integration process

Top-tier recipient support

Brand approval management

No transaction or API fee

Easy-to-track delivery

Curious about brand approvals?

We have relationships with hundreds of global gift card brands. Each brand has requirements around how their gift cards are represented in programs. As part of our onboarding process, we ensure compliance with all gift card brand use and legal. In addition, you can be sure that your catalog call will contain the most up-to-date gift card images, descriptions, terms of use, and disclaimer information.

Curious about the implementation process?

We make it fast. We make it easy. And we’re here to help.

How We Keep Your Recipient Information Safe

When it comes to data security, you can trust us to meet your compliance requirements. When you work with us, your data will always be processed securely. In fact, we work with hundreds of companies to fulfill digital gift cards, using only the names and email addresses required to deliver rewards.

  • We’re PCI compliant
  • We’re GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • We can execute HIPPA BAAs specific to name and email address
  • We have a standard HIPPA sub-BAA ready to go that’s specific to names and email addresses.
Preventing Fraud

We use both industry standard third-party and custom-built internal tools to log, monitor, and alert suspected fraud.

  • Our Transaction Risk Management team monitors velocity alerts for API customers and freezes accounts when fraud is suspected. They also review scheduled reports that are designed to indicate suspicious transaction behavior.
  • We are a licensed Money Services Business (MSB) and we hold Money Transmitter Licenses (MTL). We adhere to applicable laws and regulations.
  • We manage and facilitate gift card ordering from third-party distributors or directly from the brand.

Learn more about how we keep your company and recipient information safe—download our e-book.

What Our API Customers Are Saying

The Tango Card API makes it easy for professionals to fulfil and deliver gift card incentives. Here’s why they choose to work with us.

“Tango Card provides an easy and painless way to directly integrate rewards and gift cards into our service.”

—Ryan Davies, Found, Humblefox Limited

“Without Tango Card’s API, we would be unable to issue incentives in an automated manner like we can now.”

—Chief Technology Officer, computer software company

“No fees, plenty of reward options, and high user satisfaction.”

—CEO, marketing & advertising company

From saving time and money to improving engagement and customer experiences—here’s why our customers work with us.

Of the surveyed professionals that work with us, 88% have saved time and 68% have saved money.

Support for You and Your Recipients

Our support team isn’t just available to you, it’s available to your recipients too. We’re happy to provide support to all your gift card recipients, so you’re not left fielding redemption questions or troubleshooting technical issues.

Our self-service Chatbot—located in our recipient Help Center—makes it easy for your recipients to quickly receive the support they need while redeeming and spending rewards. For issues that can’t quickly be resolved via the bot, recipients will be put in touch with one of our support team members via email or phone, whichever is the recipient’s preferred communication method.

Simplified, Easy Reporting

When you work with us, there’s no need to maintain spreadsheets or tracking documents. We offer simplified, easy reporting in one simple web portal. You can pull data for a single recipient or view reports at a company or department level. Our web portal was built with you and your workflow in mind to ensure any reports and tracking stay organized with minimal effort.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to use our web portal for tracking and reporting. You’re welcome to build your own reporting system via the Tango Card API.

Test Console and Documentation

You can find additional resources—including our documentation, test console, and an overview of best practices—by visiting our API website.