Reward Link®

Take out the guesswork—let recipients choose how they spend their hard-earned reward.

Why Reward Link®

Give your people the reward of choice.


Recipients choose from an assortment of 100+ gift cards.

Email Configuration

Make your rewards impactful by adding your brand and messaging.


Rewards are delivered immediately by email.

Mobile Friendly

Reward Link works great on all devices.

No Subscription Fees

Access digital rewards with no subscription fees.


Reward Link comes standard with 100+ popular gift card choices—including many of your favorite retail brands.

Configuring Your Reward Link

Craft unique email templates with a branded header and include messages for your recipients.


Customize your header

Introduce your reward with your brand.

  • 650px x 150px image


Create a reward message

Write a great reward message to grab your audience’s attention.

  • Editable text for custom copy


See all the necessary info

We’ll automatically insert reward amount, redemption instructions, and our support team’s contact info to ensure a consistent and excellent recipient experience.


Craft the perfect message

Create a closing message that’s perfectly aligned to your brand.

  • Editable text for custom copy
Create a Reward Unique to Your Program
1. Customize your catalog

Choose the right mix of gift cards for your audience and program goals. View our full catalog and our international Reward Link options.

2. Customize your header

Use your own logo and brand colors.

• Insert your logo
• Configure brand color and message

3. Customize your card image

Design the card the fits your program.

• 278px x 178 px image

Customization Price: $450 one time, set-up fee.
Digital or Printed

Make Reward Link work for your program.

Choose how Reward Link is delivered and how recipients redeem it.

Reward Link: Digital

Reward Link is emailed to the recipient.

Recipients can choose from a catalog of digital gift cards.

No Fees

Reward Link: Digital & Plastic

Reward Link is emailed to the recipient.

Recipients can choose from a catalog of digital and plastic gift cards.

Face Value + $1.00

Printed Reward Link

Reward Link is printed and mailed to recipients or in bulk to one location.

Recipients can choose from a catalog of digital and plastic gift cards.

Face Value + $1.50

Promo Link

If you’re interested in using an expiring gift card for your next promotional program, check out our Promo Link product. All the same great benefits as the Reward Link but more suited to programs with an expiration date.

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