Health and Wellness in the Workplace – A Shifting Industry

Most savvy companies these days know one thing; a proven way to increase productivity is to care about employee’s well-being. This can mean something as simple as offering coffee and snacks, to more extravagant perks like offering dry cleaning, daycare, and an open PTO policy. The need for a Health and Wellness program is worthy of a seat at the table in this conversation.

Typically, Health and Wellness can be categorized as your run of the mill weight loss program urging employees to track nutrition and fitness into an app, or implementing a challenge to get people to stop smoking cigarettes. Although these are still important health-conscious decisions to make, Health and Wellness has evolved into dealing with everything from mental health, to the amount of pressure someone is feeling in the work place, to financial health and stability. When an employee experiences a lack of balance with the examples above, it impacts not only their health on a personal level, but also on a work-level.

Unhealthy employees mean more sick time and less focus on the task at hand. This results in a direct hit to the business, which translates into the loss of company dollars. The Global Wellness Institute released a report this past February on “The Future of Wellness at Work” and estimates unhealthy workers cost the U.S. a staggering $2.2 trillion a year in cost. This is a large price to pay for not recognizing the evolving needs of employees.

By acknowledging the shift in Health and Wellness and implementing the proper tools to keep employees healthy in every sense, you decrease costs and increase quality of life. Happy and healthy employees mean more than just getting the job done. They produce longer lasting results with a lower risk of burning out. Offering attractive Health and Wellness programs also appeal to potential employees while on the job hunt as these programs are necessary for staying in the running as a relevant and desired employer.

The growing scope of Health and Wellness may mean more boxes to check off for employers, but the long term results are worth the squeeze. There are plenty of options out there that make it easy for employers to give employees what they need in order to live a healthy, balanced life. Along with some of our favorites, we grabbed a few platforms we’ve heard good things about from SnackNation’s Top 40 List:

Virgin Pulse: Activity, nutrition, sleep, stress, focus, cognition, financial health, personal relationships, philanthropy – whatever helps make them happier human beings, that’s what we care about, and that’s what we support.

RedBrick: Provides technology-enabled enterprise solutions that empower people to adopt better health behaviors and make smarter healthcare decisions. The result? A better return on everyone’s investment in health and well-being.

Maxwell Health: An HR and benefits technology platform and innovative marketplace that combines the management of and enrollment in benefits into one experience: eliminating the hassle of day-to-day benefits administration and providing a beautiful, streamlines experience for employees.

WalkingSpree: Helps companies control health care costs by getting their employees moving. It is our use of technology and success with employee engagement that sets us apart. The WalkingSpree advanced wellness program is a multi-device platform that uses activity trackers to track and record physical activity, and an active social network to keep members motivated and engaged.

Jiff: Your company spends too much on healthcare and gets too little for it. Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform saves employer’s money by organizing all your vendors, curating the relevant ones for each employee, and incentivizing each employee to use the solutions that will create the most value.

Orriant: Healthcare costs are constantly on the rise, both for businesses and their individual employees. Orriant has worked with many businesses over the years to provide wellness programs to not only store the ride of healthcare costs, but to actually reduce them.

Corporate Health Partners: Your company is unique, so when it comes to wellness planning, CHP does not take a “one size fits all” approach. We’ll implement engaging programs designed to make your employees, and your company, healthier, happier, and more productive.

LifeDojo: Engages employees in a journey of motivation, planning and weekly action that is both scientific and engaging, so you can finally achieve both high participation rates and genuine health behavior change.

Sonic Boom Wellness: Offers inspired corporate wellness solutions designed for maximum engagement. Socially contagious with the widest variety of worksite wellness challenges.

Fitbit: When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day – including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep – to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

Vitality: The Vitality wellness program is built to continuously inspire, motivate, and reward employees to live their healthiest life. Vitality members come to know about their current health status, then get going with activities that improve health and lifestyle behaviors and unlock a series of positive rewards.

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