Employees Want Food and Grocery Delivery Rewards in Stressful Situations

As the world continues to adapt to the impact of COVID-19, many companies are sending clear and frequent communications to employees that highlight new policies, expectations, and responsibilities. While communications like this add clarity in stressful situations, companies may want to consider pairing them with an employee recognition program to more effectively sustain employee productivity and engagement.

What Reward Data Tells Us

Rewards that made sense for employee recognition in the past—like travel incentives or company-wide events—face challenges in remote and hybrid environments. This leaves many managers questioning how they can effectively reward employees during a pandemic.

In partnership with the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), we sponsored Reward Preferences: Making a Lasting Impact on Incentive Program Participants*, which was released in November 2020.

Give Rewards Your Employees Want

In addition to rewards like paid time off and flexible scheduling, the IRF study’s top-five preferred rewards included food and merchandise gift cards. As you consider the right type of reward to gift employees during the pandemic—and for hybrid employees in the future—it’s important to weigh impact. Bags of groceries, a nice meal, and flexibility go a long way in stressful situations.

Grocery Reward Options

Our reward catalog includes grocery brands—like Safeway and Whole Foods Market—as well as big-box brands—like Target and Walmart—that have delivery and pick-up options. We also offer Amazon gift cards, which provide a great grocery-delivery option. Ultimately, offering gift cards for grocery brands makes it easier for your employees to safely purchase whatever they need.

Food-Delivery Reward Options

In stressful times, give your employees one less thing to worry about—such as meal planning. We offer three food delivery rewards in our catalog: Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash. These delivery apps not only provide your employees with a well-deserved meal, they also help support local restaurants.

Curious about all the grocery and food-delivery brand options we provide? See our full list of these brands here:

Flexible Reward Options

Reward Link is our most popular reward offering. Beyond grocery and food brands, it contains 100+ of the most popular merchant brands for employees to choose from directly. This reward is ideal for offering your employees the gift of choice and letting them decide what gift card will best meet their immediate need.

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* Incentive Research Foundation, Reward Preferences: Making a Lasting Impact on Incentive Program Participants, 2019

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