10 Creative Ideas for Motivating Employees

Organizations with motivated employees succeed. Competition and diverse workforce composition requires building a culture that makes workers feel included and meaningful to the organization. Motivating employees is easy with a little creativity.

We’ve compiled a starter list of 10 ways to reward and recognize employees. Make someone’s day and spread joy with modern rewards and recognition.

  1. Reward and recognize effort, not just performance. Performance is important, but so are behaviors like contributing ideas, collaborating and supporting others. Recognizing this behavior can reinforce and motivate employees' continued effort.
  2. Document and share the memories.  Milestones, events achievement deserve to be remembered – and then recognized. Document moments when teams became closer or achieved together for motivating employees. You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to motivate.
  3. Let peers nominate other peers for achievements, dedication and hard work. Start a poll and then share the results. Making recognition public multiplies the feel good effect.
  4. Say “thank you,” and then say “thank you” again. Be specific. The validation and encouragement you provide is more impactful than most people assume.
  5. Connect employees with mentors and other professionals. Career growth ranks consistently as one of the top 3 drivers of employee engagement.
  6. Send a small reward with your recognition. Rewards that surprise, and are unexpected are remembered – no matter how big or small. Give them choice in their rewards or give them something they’ll use and love.  Gift cards are a no brainer.
  7. Think about their families. Consider rewards that can be given to, or shared with families and friends.
  8. Start a sports league or do a wellness activity. Getting active and getting out of the office can be a huge energy and morale booster. It’s an opportunity to bond.
  9. Send employees to see their favorite sports teams. Nothing is more exciting
  10. Give money towards a vacation. The stipulation? When they get back they have to present to the company on where they went and what they did.

Have an idea or recall a reward you received that you loved? Share it in the comments below and stay tuned for more creative ideas!

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