Promo Link™

You need a powerful motivator to drive consumer action. Incentivize your audience with a choice of digital gift cards—and reclaim any unredeemed funds.

The Right Incentive to Motivate Your Audience

What’s the action you want your target audience to take? Maybe you want more customers to switch to electronic billing. Maybe you want more prospects to attend your demo. Or maybe you want more people engaging with your cause.

Regardless of your desired outcome, Promo Link is an ideal incentive solution for all kinds of consumer promotions and campaigns.

What’s Promo Link?

It’s the fastest, easiest way to send a choice of digital gift cards—instantly through email. Plus, you can maximize your campaign ROI by reclaiming unredeemed reward funds.

1. Email your recipients a choice of popular gift cards
2. Set an expiration date
3. Reclaim or reissue unredeemed funds
When to Use Promo Link

Generate leads

Drive service sign-ups

Incentivize purchases

Attract donors and volunteers

Encourage electronic billing

Offer a reward with purchase

Increase survey participation

Provide bill credits

Improve your call to action (CTA)

Why Promo Link?
It’s the easiest way to motivate consumer action and maximize campaign ROI.
Popular Brands

Recipients choose from 100+ popular gift cards. See our full reward catalog here.

Immediate Satisfaction

E-gift cards are sent through email, creating immediate satisfaction.

Recipient Support

Free recipient support, so you’re not left answering redemption questions.

Built-In Reminder Emails

Custom email reminders so recipients don’t miss out on their rewards.

Reclaim Unredeemed Funds

We return 75% of unredeemed funds to your account upon expiration.

How Promo Link Works


Issuance Fee
Issuing a Promo Link costs the face value of the reward plus $0.25.

Example: A $100 Promo Link costs $100.25.

Fee to Reclaim Unredeemed Funds
We return 75% of unredeemed funds to your account upon expiration.

Example: A recipient doesn’t use their $100 Promo Link before it expires. That $100 is credited to your account, from which you’ll see the unclaimed-value fee of $25 deducted immediately after. This leaves a net total of $75 in unredeemed value credited back to your account.

Reissuance Fee
Reissuing a Promo Link that’s expired costs the same as sending a new one: face value of the card plus a $0.25 issuance fee.

Note: A new Promo Link will be created, but it’ll be designated as a reissue and represented as such in your order history.

What Our Customers Are Saying
Easy-to-use platform, streamlined process for redemption, overall great product to distribute
gift cards.

—Justin McZeal, Owner, Lemarr Consulting

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