Promo Link™

Simple, effective promotions and rebates with a choice of gift cards.

When to use Promo Link

Promo Link allows you to set an expiration date and reclaim unspent funds. Perfect for promotions and rebates.



Lower your rebate fulfillment costs, provide an excellent recipient experience, and easily capture unclaimed value with the digitally administered Promo Link.


Generate leads, drive sign-ups, and incentivize sales with the promise of a Promo Link and then reinvest the value of unredeemed Promo Links to maximize your program ROI.


Trying to set meetings, book demos, or simply get someone’s attention? Send a quick incentive they can use right away—but rest assured you can recoup funds.

Key Features
The Promo Link can improve engagement and ROI for your next promotion or rebate campaign.
100+ Reward Options

With a catalog of 100+ gift cards to choose from, Promo Link offers your recipients the reward options they want.

Customized Experience

Customize your branding, messaging, and reward catalog for an effective reward experience.

Instant & Digital

The Promo Link is sent via email, so recipients instantly receive rewards.

Built-In Reminder Emails

Send custom reminder emails to recipients to make sure they have the opportunity to redeem their reward.

Promotional Support

Direct recipients to our top-tier support team for assistance or use your own team.

Processing Cost

Creating a Promo Link costs the face value of the link itself plus $0.25.
Example: a $100 Promo Link will cost $100.25


Unclaimed-Value Fee

Upon expiration, any remaining value is credited back to your production account, from which we then take 25% out as an unclaimed-value fee.


How It Works

Let’s say a recipient doesn’t use their $100 Promo Link before it expires. That $100 will be credited to your account, from which you’ll see the unclaimed-value fee of $25 deducted immediately after. This leaves you with a total unclaimed value of $75.

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