Easy holiday rewards your employees actually want

Skip the guesswork this year. Learn how you can send holiday rewards to your employees without the stress.
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Holiday rewards for employees

Send holiday rewards to all your employees—whether they work at the office, from home, or a mix of both. With Reward Link, you can send your employees an assortment of 100+ digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations to choose from.

Why Reward Link?

How Reward Link works

Reward Link is a fast, easy way to send employees their pick of 100+ digital gift cards. No surprise—it’s our most popular reward option.

1. You send

Easily deliver a Reward Link to your employee directly into their email inbox.

2. They choose

Your employee clicks the link, and takes their pick of 100+ popular digital gift cards.

3. They enjoy

The employee receives their selected gift card in an email, and can redeem it immediately.

See which brands are included.

Reward Link comes with a standard catalog that’s filled with 100+ popular digital gift card brands that our team has handpicked. 

Want to add another gift card option? You can customize our standard catalog and add additional brands for a one-time set-up fee.

Customize the reward experience

Customize our email templates with your company’s brand and messaging. Take customization a step further with a one-time set-up fee of $450.

Our employees Love Reward Link

Tangorines get excited about Reward Links around here—see what they’ve purchased over the years.

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Experience Reward Link

Curious what the reward experience is like for employees? Try Reward Link for yourself!

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Skip the guesswork and stress this season. Learn how we recognize employees here at Tango with digital gift cards.

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Rewards mean more with Tango—for businesses and people. Discover how you can create a lasting impression with every Reward Link you send.