Gift Card API

The (RaaS®) Rewards as a Service API is a robust digital gift card API built to support today's apps and platforms.


RaaS Gift Card API Highlights:

Platform Support:

  • Create and fund Customers and Accounts to support a single app or a platform with multiple customers.

Catalog as a Service:

  • Access our catalog of e-gift cards, prepaid cards, donations and more!
  • Our verbose catalog contains descriptions, disclaimers, reward images, and other necessary brand details.

Order & Report:

  • Have Tango Card send out your e-gift cards on branded email templates or deliver them within your user interface.
  • Access order history via the API.

The Rewards Catalog:

E-Gift Cards
International Reach

Reward Links
The recipient chooses

Nonprofit Donations
Inspiring incentives

Cash Equivalent Rewards
Easy Payment Disbursal


RaaS API Resources

API Test Console & Documents

RaaS API Best Practices Deck

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