Join the Tango team and choose where you work

Our goal is to help our employees do their best work—whether it’s at home, in the office, or a mix of both.

Whether you’re starting a new employee rewards program or refreshing one that’s already in place, digital gift cards can bring you closer to your goals. The driving force behind our Choice First Program is trust. We trust our employees to make the right decision when it comes to where they work. As a result, our employees feel empowered to truly do their best work.

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What’s Tango’s Choice First program?

What the data tells us about remote work

How we improve your work-life balance

What our employees are saying

Our employee benefits

Our approach to engaged management

Our open positions

What's Tango Choice First program?

We know that some people thrive in an office setting, and others are more productive at home. Our Choice First program allows you to choose what works best for you—whether that means working at home, in one of our offices, or a mix of both.

Why? Because you know yourself better than anyone. You know where you do your best thinking, your best planning, and your best work. We trust you to make the right decision for yourself.

What the data tells us about remote work

Our goal is to build a strong team of curious, innovative people who feel empowered to do their best work. To do this, we base our company decisions on real data.

The data is on our side when it comes to letting our employees choose where they work. In fact, one in three employees will quit their current job if the option to work from home is taken away, according to a recent survey by Blind.

Hear what our applicants say

“Right now, my leadership team hasn’t decided if we’re all coming back to the office. They’re still of the mindset that you’re only working if they see you. It’s crazy because I’ve been much more productive this last year. The flexibility of working from home has made me better and brought more balance and joy to my life. It’s really a tough pill to swallow knowing that the only reason we’re coming back is due to insecurity. I’m just bummed, so that’s what’s prompting me to look” —Anonymous applicant

See what our employees choose

Curious where our employees choose to work? They work from home most of the time, but we also empower them to do a mix of both (whatever is best for them). Employees who primarily work from home can book a desk in advance at one of our offices. Similarly, employees who primarily work in office can choose to work from home as needed.

How we improve your work-from-live balance

A great deal of your time and energy is spent at work. In fact, employees spend an average of 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, according to Happiness at Work. Here at Tango, we ask for your best work—but we also provide flexibility that’s needed to not feel overwhelmed or burned out.

Our Choice First program empowers employees to:

Spend more time with their kids

Give their pets more quality time

Save money by commuting less frequently

Be more involved in the community

Increase productivity at work

Eat healthier

Have more time for self-care and exercise

Continue their education

Explore their passions

What our employees say

We respect and admire the people who work for us. We listen to them, and we care about their opinions. Here’s what they’re saying about our Choice First program.

Richa Baruah, Senior Compliance Analyst

Can you describe your role at Tango?
My role as a senior compliance analyst is to help ensure that our company—and departments within our company—have regulatory compliance.

Why did you make the choice to work remote?
Working from home gives me the space I need to think critically and perform better. My productivity skyrockets when working in an environment that has decreased distractions.

How has this choice benefitted you both inside and outside of work?
I can list several examples:
• Better work-life balance
• Increased productivity and performance
• More time for physical activity
• The ability to eat healthier
• Less commute stress
What specific Tango perks have been most beneficial to you?
The unlimited PTO is the star of the show, but apart from that, the $500 home-office grant has been very helpful. I was able to create a customizable home office. I bought an office desk and a comfortable chair to go with it.
Richa doesn’t live near a Tango office. The flexibility of our Choice First program is the reason she applied.

Adam Cole, Director of Business Systems

Can you describe your role at Tango Card?
As Director of Business Systems, it’s my mission to provide strategic leadership, vision, direction, and accountability for Tango Card’s business systems, enterprise architecture, and key processes across the organization.

To achieve that mission, I:
• Partner with business leaders to define objectives and measure key results
• Build a high-performing, best-in-class team
• Lead the development of business process technology strategy
• Lead evaluation, design, and analysis of enterprise-wide solutions

Why did you make the choice to split your time between working from our Seattle office and from your home?
Great question! Simply put: to best serve my team and our stakeholders, who are evenly distributed across multiple office and remote locations. Beyond that reality and the pandemic, the West Seattle Bridge construction situation has presented significant challenges for those of us who commute from Seattle’s Eastside, in some scenarios doubling the previous commute time. By splitting my time between the physical office locations as well as working remotely, I hope to get face time with colleagues while also showing my team that being remote is okay too.

How has this choice benefitted you both inside and outside of work?
With a young child at home and a spouse who also works, the flexibility allows me to balance face-to-face engagement with my team and colleagues alongside coordination in my personal life. There’s no one-size-fits-all for every person or group when it comes to this decision.

What specific Tango perks have been most beneficial to you?
Our Choice First program and our home-office grant are certainly among my favorite perks recently. Our fantastic medical/dental coverage are also stand-outs, even among other Seattle-area companies.

Deborah Krier, Sr. Marketing Automation Manager

Can you describe your role at Tango Card?
As the Sr. Marketing Automation Manager, I lead the planning and optimization of our email channel and support my colleagues by building out and managing marketing automations and data collection.

Why did you make the choice to split your time between working from our Seattle office and from your home?
The decision of whether it makes sense to work from home or the office can change from day to day and even from one moment to the next. Most days I prefer to work from home because a lot of what I do requires intense focus. It’s a benefit to not be distracted by the conversation and activity that’s normal in a shared office environment. On the other hand, I’m lucky to live just 5 minutes from the office. It’s handy to have a back-up workspace on those occasions when working at home can be problematic (internet outage or nearby loud construction, to give just two examples). Having been hired and onboarded in the middle of a pandemic, I also treasure opportunities to meet my new co-workers face-to-face, especially when they’re assigned to teams I don’t normally interact with in my day-to-day work.

How has this choice benefitted you both inside and outside of work?
I love having the flexibility to adjust my workspace as needed. Most days I prefer to work with my cat sleeping in my lap, enjoying home-cooked meals and taking breaks as needed to walk around my neighborhood and clear my head. But it’s also nice to have a shared space in which to meet up with colleagues, casually pick their brains outside of scheduled meetings, and play with the office dogs.

What specific Tango perks have been most beneficial to you?
The work from home stipend has been great for allowing to me obtain all the miscellanea that allow me to work comfortably from home without the red tape of approval processes and reimbursement forms.

Our employee benefits

Health care benefits

We pay 100% of employer premiums for medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Time away

We offer unlimited paid time off—with no waiting periods or limitations.

$500 home-office grant

If you choose to work from home, we provide a $500 home-office grant that can be used to purchase things like standing desks and ergonomic chairs.

Bonuses & incentives

Employees may receive a profit-share bonus twice per year, if company goals are met.* We also encourage employees to reward coworkers by using our company-funded, peer-to-peer rewards program.

Retirement benefits

Beginning on day one, we match your 401(k) contributions, dollar-for-dollar, up to 6% of your income.


You don’t need to leave your best friend at home—dogs are welcome in all of our offices.

Our approach to engaged management

Here at Tango, you won’t find managers using their time to track employee activity. They’re less concerned with the hours you work, and more concerned with your goals and output. Here’s how managers support team members without being face to face.

Regular one-on-one meetings

Managers regularly meet with each member of their team, once a week for at least 30 minutes.

Objectives and key results

Managers create measurable goals—ones that each team member can work toward—to support our greater company initiatives.

Measurable metrics

Our metrics are measurable so we can track work output, not people.

Our open positions

We’re committed to helping you do your best work—whether it’s at home, in the office, or a mix of both. We’ll support your decision and provide you with every opportunity to thrive in your role. If you’re interested in working with us, please check out our available positions.