IncentivePilot + Tango

Andrew Phelps, Co-Founder and CEO

IncentivePilot is an online platform that aims to skyrocket revenues and save organizations thousands of hours a year with enterprise incentive programs and sales contests — even when they’re run remotely. They've eliminated the logistical headache of running effective and engaging sales incentive programs.

Incentivizing customer engagement.

Rewards play an important role in encouraging IncentivePilot’s channel seller behavior. Their gamified incentive program helps customers attract new partners, activate their sellers with new behavior, build pipeline, and close deals.

“People are happy when they’re rewarded. If they have a great experience receiving a reward, redeeming a reward, then you have their attention and have them in a state where it’s really easy to keep them engaged throughout the cycle,” says Andrew Phelps, Co-founder and CEO of IncentivePilot.


IncentivePilot worked with a prize vendor for reward fulfillment. The vendor had problems with their data, inventory, and communication. People weren’t receiving desirable incentives and the wait time to receive prizes was too long.


IncentivePilot uses Tango’s Gift Card API to generate Reward Links. With Tango, IncentivePilot’s sellers can earn a gift card for simply completing a training or attending an event. Rewards can also be woven into more complex programs where sellers are competing with one another in IncentivePilot’s games like poker, whodunnit mystery game, or one of their arcade games like Tap to Flap or Space Invasion. Andrew explains:

I don’t know if we could have gone to market the same way because it was so easy to plug in and start day one with Tango…It saves so much time in managing [incentive] programs,”

The results

Time to fulfill rewards has been virtually eliminated. Now, over 50,000 activities and goals have been achieved by over 10,000 sellers in IncentivePilot’s system, and over 300 new sellers coming in every month. IncentivePilot has sent over $8 million in rewards for completing activities.

“The selection of prizes lets people choose what they want, and in addition to a seamless experience, that leaves you with the answer of digital gift cards. When you’re looking at digital gift cards, we needed someone that had great tools that we could plug into easily and an extension of our great user experience. When you put all those requirements together, the only option is Tango,” explains Andrew.

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