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Amanda Spring, Health & Wellness Coordinator

Incentivizing wellness

With thousands of employees, DCS has a wellness program to motivate staff to put their health first—even during the busy school year.

In order to motivate employees to participate in the wellness program, DCS offers gift cards to team members who complete wellness activities, challenges, and goals. Before Tango, gift cards were provided from a local grocery store, and DCS required a more streamlined approach to oversee the distribution of their gift cards. They also needed to guarantee employee satisfaction with the incentives they received.


DCS’s previous gift card provider did not meet their program’s needs. Administrators and employees alike found the old provider’s website confusing and difficult to navigate. Recipients had trouble using their gift cards in store and were often met with confusion from grocery store workers. This experience added friction to DCS’s wellness program and deterred employees from participating.


DCS uses Reward Links to issue $100 rewards to wellness program participants at the end of each school year. The school district also issues these rewards for other initiatives, like holiday gatherings and financial wellbeing programs. Reward Links have been very successful for DCS. Employees enjoy choosing from the variety of gift cards Tango offers, while admins enjoy how easy it is to deliver and track rewards.

The gift cards have been a tremendous success and our employees love choosing from the variety of gift cards.

—Amanda Spring, Health & Wellness Coordinator of Dublin City Schools


While working with Tango, DCS’s wellness program saw improved employee engagement and motivation. With Tango, gift cards are seamlessly delivered to employees’ email accounts, alleviating Amanda from the tedious task of manual distribution. She no longer has to stuff each gift card into envelopes and personally deliver them to various school buildings throughout the school district.

“Tango has improved our program by allowing our employees to choose their own path in health, wellness, and now their rewards. They now view the incentive as a true reward and it’s a personal accomplishment.”

—Amanda Spring, Health & Wellness Coordinator of Dublin City Schools

Tango has also improved DCS’s value of investment (VOI) outcomes, including increased employee participation and morale, decreased employee sick absenteeism, increased talent retention, and increased financial savings.

Increased employee participation
Improved employee engagement & motivation
Saved time managing and fulfilling rewards
Increased  financial savings
Our employee engagement is at an all time high since the inception of Tango. We have about 70% of our employees who earn rewards through Tango now.

—Amanda Spring, Health & Wellness Coordinator of Dublin City Schools

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