Drive Results

We love e-gift cards because they’re proven to inspire engagement, participation, and loyalty.

Send the Right Rewards

Choose e-gift cards to provide the choice and experiences that delight recipients and make successful programs.

Reward Link®

Take out the guesswork. Our most popular option, the Reward Link® lets recipients choose how they spend their hard-earned reward.

Individual Brands

Send gift cards like, Starbucks, and Target to drive results with brand recognition.

Four Ways To Send Rewards

Order, automate, or integrate–choose the delivery method to match your desired program experience.

Program Support
Business Development

We help our customers drive engagement, loyalty, retention and more. We can help you choose the best rewards and delivery for your program.

Customer Success

Our onboarding team, customer support teams, and Rewards Genius dashboard are all on hand to ensure ongoing success of your program.

Recipient Support

The most important parts of a successful reward program are happy recipients! We handle support for all your reward recipients.

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