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Real rewards are a critical part of business strategy - whether it is customer loyalty, customer acquisition, or employee engagement. Rewards get results, period.

With our RaaS™ API you can elegantly knit a sophisticated rewards program into your platform. Create an account, fund an account, manage catalog, send rewards, and get order history - all available on demand, real time, and as a service.

Your customers and employees will think it's magic - and you will be a hero.

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have a rewards program that’s broken or needs a fresh start


to unlock the power of Tango Card’s RaaS API


integrate our rewards and management services with your platform


have an amazing and intelligent rewards program

Tango Card is Microsoft Bing Reward's exclusive fulfilment partner for gift cards, non-profit donations, and many other goods to deliver rewards quickly, accurately, and digitally.

Members of FedEx's reward program can redeem for a Tango Card. This partnership has been very successful in terms of building customer loyalty.

Tap into the power of incentivized advocacy to drive word of mouth marketing for your brand. Integration with Rewards as a Service by Tango Card allows you to easily offer real rewards through Extole’s Social Advocacy Platform.

Plink's offline to online loyalty program to Tango Card's premier gift cards, the partnership enabled them to provide the must-have speed and convenience of digital rewards their members expect.

The ultimate incentive for market research is the Tango Card because it is flexible, customizable, and instant.

The six elements of a modern rewards program all support the right reward and the right delivery, leading to signicant results.

Salesforce. Selling may not be easy, but now sending and tracking gift cards is. With the free Tango Card for SalesForce app, you can give, manage, and track gift cards right from your Sales-Force account.

Zendesk. Make it right campaigns in the cloud. Tango Card for Zendesk lets you can easily and quickly recognize customers with a gift card.

Concur. Tango Card is integrated with the Concur Connect Platform. Our zero-click solution passes an expense item and receipt image directly to your linked account.

Snap is a simple, web-based app that makes it incredibly easy to send Tango Card gift cards to customers, employees, and partners by just uploading an Excel file.

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Tango Card offers a set of SDKs in key languages that allow developers to incorporate digital gift cards and rewards – with just 15 minutes of coding. Whether you're launching a new mobile app or adding real rewards to an existing online loyalty program, Tango Card is your secure, efficient source and fulfillment platform.

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