How Tango makes you the hero

Be the hero of your business

Achieve outsized business results and wow recipients with rewards, incentives, and payments from Tango – the pioneer of digital rewards for business customers with a world class API.

Tango Card created the Rewards as a Service category for enterprise customers just like you. Choose the right partner. Choose Tango. Let us help you.

Tango offers a free self-serve dashboard to manage all of your rewards and incentives programs, with multiple accounts, and robust reporting

World-class customer AND recipient support is included with Tango, so you can rest easy knowing redemption issues are covered by us

The Tango API has a track record of high brand availability, high-touch integration support and high satisfaction with software developers

With exceptional security and anti-fraud services, plus enhanced compliance and scalability, Tango protects your reward and payout program.

With Tango, you only pay the face value of the gift cards in most cases—no markups, no transaction fees, no nonsense

Tango integrates with various popular systems, such at Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and more than 1,000 others

The rewards and payments people.

Thousands of gift cards is awesome. Amazing, easy to use technology brings happiness. ISO Certification is awesome. At the end of the day; it’s people that make this happen – at your company and at ours. Our job is to make you and your program successful. Ask around, there is no one better in supporting you, your devs, your finance team, and your recipients. It’s been a differentiator of ours for a decade.