Agent Engagement Rewards

Tango Card makes it easy to send and administer gift cards as agent rewards and sales incentives.

Simple Rewards for Your Agent Engagement Program
Reward Link: 100 Reward Options.

Agents can redeem for the gift card and buy the gift that they want.


Customized Incentive Experience.

Customize branding, messaging, and reward catalog for an engaging reward experience.


Operational Gold

Reward Links are easy to set up, can be delivered immediately, and come with recipient support.

Become a Rewards Genius


Rewards Genius makes rewards easy and awesome.


“I like being able to send out multiple rewards all at once, being able to track rewards and resend rewards (if needed), and ease of use. I can log in anytime. It helps me by not having to physically pick up gift cards and helps our organization by allowing our employees to select where they’d like to spend their rewards. It saves the organization time and hassle.”


“I like how easy it is to use and how professionally Rewards Genius is packaged. It is customizable as you can set up multiple internal accounts and different email templates. Rewards Genius delivers what it says it will prior to signing up. The staff is also very engaged during the initial signup and make themselves available to help you through the process.”