Just call us Tango

A new logo, a new brand identity, a new domain, and a new emphasis on the people who matter most: our employees and customers.

Kevin Brown, our Creative Director, has been with Tango since the beginning. He’s accomplished a lot over the last 12 years. But it’s this transformative rebrand—an ambitious accomplishment that included his team of talented designers—that he’s most proud of. And now, he’s excited to share it with you.

Why we dropped "card"

We knew changing our name would be the first step of our rebranding process. Tango Card, while very descriptive, is no longer a name that accurately represents us. For one, we now offer payments, reaching far beyond our previous offerings. Plus, physical gift cards are a smaller part of our business, as digital rewards have become more popular and extremely convenient.

How we got here

The O in Tango has a subtle grin, which really resonates with our team. It reflects a cornerstone of our brand: our ability to deliver rewards and smiles. Orange is still a dominant color within our brand, but you’ll notice we brightened it up and made it richer. The result is our new trademarked color: Tangorine. You’ll also notice our softer, friendlier typeface. It’s spaced closer together, symbolizing collaborative people working side by side.

To arrive at this result, we went through a full immersion process. We looked at all of our company communications, interviewed customers and prospects, spoke to employees, brought in a brand development agency, and reviewed numerous competitive materials in a quest to clearly differentiate our brand. This intensive research was the groundwork for creating a completely new brand architecture.


The rewards and payments people.

Brand purpose

To help companies achieve better results by making it easy to reward, incentivize, and pay their customers and employees every day.

Brand promise

The easiest way to spread joy.

Our brand promise

Making rewards and payments easy to send and awesome to receive is at the core of what we do. It always will be. In fact, much of the rebrand process has helped surface key aspects of our business that already existed. It’s been a comprehensive exercise in synthesizing each element into brief, meaningful statements with complementing visuals and elevated design standards. Our new brand promise is the easiest way to spread joy.

When you think about our brand promise and our overall mission, the easiest part is our technology. It’s not only leading-edge and powerful, it’s also simple to use.

The other half of our brand promise celebrates the reward experience: our ability to deliver rewards people love—ones that leave a lasting impression and bring a smile. These moments of joy are the foundation of our brand experience, which is why the unconventional design of our O is so important. It’s also why we’ve taken care to infuse our voice with more warmth and personality, reflecting how enjoyable the Tango experience is for both senders and recipients.

The people behind the platform

We’re not just focused on transactions, we’re focused on human interactions.

The overall concept of our rebrand speaks to the people-first spirit of our business. After crunching the numbers, and poring through vast amounts of immersion data, one idea kept bubbling up. It’s a concept that reinforces how we view ourselves as Tango employees: we’re the rewards and payments people.

This succinct yet powerful phrase encompasses who we are and what we do. It also speaks to our new business model–not just delivering digital rewards and incentives that make people feel valued, but also payments and deposits made easier. Ultimately, it’s about wowing your recipients, and providing them with exceptional experiences.

Our latest update

Following the theme of this rebranding initiative, our team recently migrated the Tango website to a new domain: tango.inc. This initiative signals our commitment to providing more than gift cards. We're here to help our customers spread joy with easy rewards, incentives, and payments.

New name, same company

We’re still the same great company you know, with a renewed focus on the value we deliver and the people we serve. But from here on out, you can just call us Tango.