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Did you know that Rewards Genius is owned by Tango Card? It can be confusing, so we’re simplifying things with a rebrand. We're still the same company, but now you can just call us Tango.

Rewards Genius is still the same great platform, now it’s just under the Tango brand. What do you need to do? Nothing, other than be aware that rewardsgenius.com now redirects to tangocard.com.

You can still access Rewards Genius, you’ll just access it from tangocard.com or manage.rewardsgenius.com. We recommend updating your current bookmark to: manage.rewardsgenius.com.


See answers to frequently asked questions below:

Why is Reward Genius getting rebranded?

Rewards Genius’ parent company, Tango Card, combined its brand and product websites as part of the rebrand.
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Is the website changing?

Rewardsgenius.com redirects to tangocard.com. You’ll be able to log in from there, or manage.rewardsgenius.com.
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What are my next steps?

If you want to maintain the same ease of use, simply update your current bookmark to manage.rewardsgenius.com.
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I’m not yet a customer. Can you tell me more about Rewards Genius?

Learn more about our company rebrand.

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Please reach out to success@tangocard.com for questions. We’re happy to help!