Ways to Use e-Gift Cards in Marketo Smart Campaign

To hit key metrics, marketers need software that enables them to effectively communicate with prospects and customers—as well as ways to drive desired behaviors. That’s where Tango Card’s webhook comes in: connecting Marketo’s marketing automation software with digital gift cards.   A smart campaign is the tool that powers Marketo’s program automation capabilities. Our webhook builds on those capabilities by enabling you to incentivize designated steps within those smart campaign with e-gift cards—increasing your ROI for programs, such as:

• Referral programs 

• Customer-acquisition campaigns

• Loyalty campaigns  

Referral Program

If you’re asking current customers to refer new business, you’ll likely want to incentivize that behavior at some point—whether it’s when a sales call is scheduled or the contract is signed. Once you have that referral journey laid out in Marketo, our webhook lets you send a digital gift card as part of whichever step makes the most sense to incentivize within your referral program.  

Customer Acquisition

New customer acquisition is often at the forefront of any marketer’s mind. To increase your chances of turning prospects into customers, you can incentivize the step—or steps—you’ve decided are most essential in a prospect’s journey by automatically sending a $10 Reward Link whenever the step is completed.  

Loyalty Campaign

Keeping the customers you’ve already snagged—and upselling them on your other great product offerings—is key to meeting a company’s revenue goals. If you’re running a loyalty campaign to check in with customers and see how things are going, whether through a survey or phone call, incentivizing their response with an e-gift card can help increase the number of responses you receive. Just make sure to let them know in the preceding step that you’ll be sending a digital gift card to anyone who fills out the survey! Marketo already has the tools to drive prospect and customer behaviors, and our webhook makes it possible to further incentivize them. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating digital gift cards in your next smart campaign, email us or watch the webcast.

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