Tango Card Launches Slack Integration for Easier Peer-to-Peer Rewarding

Our new peer-to-peer reward offering—Reward Bot—makes it easy for your employees to quickly send each other rewards in Slack. It’s a great way to build public recognition for a job well done and to show employees their efforts matter.

Key Benefits

This out-of-the box recipe ensures something that should be simple—recognizing good work—stays that way.

Publicly Recognize a Job Well Done

Reward Bot immediately posts in your designated Slack channel when someone sends a peer reward, giving others the chance to react and comment. Even better—that recipient receives their reward just as quickly.

Give Rewards Your Employees Want

With Reward Bot, program managers choose the reward amount and type your employees can send. We’re big fans of sending a Reward Link® because it gives recipients 100+ popular gift card brands to choose from, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Target.

Ensure Rewards Are Sent to the Right People

Do you want to ensure your employees aren’t sending rewards to direct reports? You can set up your recipe to check against various details to ensure rewards are only being sent to who they should be.

Easily Report on Your Rewards Program

Pull order-history reports directly from your Rewards Genius® account to stay on top of your rewards program. Reports provide recipient name, reward type and amount, and date.

Always Stay Within Budget

Your designated contact will receive an email alert if an employee attempts to use the Reward Bot when there are insufficient funds in your Rewards Genius account. This enables you to refill your reward account without overdrawing from it.

How It Works

Once Reward Bot is set up, your employees will be able to send each other rewards directly inside Slack by following three simple steps:

Reward Bot then runs validation—ensuring the reward isn’t sent to a direct report, for example—before posting the announcement in your designated Slack channel. At the same time, the recipient receives their reward via email.

How to Get Started

Sign up for Rewards Genius—our free, self-serve rewards portal—and then reach out to sales@tangocard.com to speak with someone at Tango Card. We’ll be able to guide you through the implementation of Reward Bot to make peer-to-peer rewards easier than ever.

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