Kickstart Your Post-Close Relationship with the Perfect Closing Gift

Life as a realtor is so much more than selling: It’s hustling for your clients at every turn; building a network of contacts in your market; and ultimately, ensuring your clients feel welcome in their new home.

You do all of this to secure the referrals and repeat business that grow your client base year after year. By taking the extra step to send a closing gift that goes beyond saying thank you to welcome your clients into their new home, you end on the type of high note that encourages just that.

Let’s check out some of the qualities that make for a perfect closing gift:

Make It Personal

You’ve likely spent months working with a client by the time they close on their new home, which means you’ve gotten to know them well enough to give them something more than an empty Hallmark card and a branded keychain. By including a personalized note with your gift—something that can be easily done with the Reward Link—you’re ensuring your client feels like something more than a number.

Consider Their Needs

Clients are people first, which means they have different needs. That in turn means there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all closing gift that’ll serve everyone you work with. The family you helped close on the fixer-upper of their dreams—the one they can’t wait to start renovating—will likely need something totally different than the businesswoman who just bought her first condo. Tailoring your gift accordingly is the difference between a gift that goes untouched and one that’s used—and remembered—for years to come.

Keep It Practical

Clients want gifts they can use, which means that branded cutting board often ends up collecting dust in the back of their new kitchen cabinet. Give them something they can use—such as a gift card to a home-improvement store, a meal-delivery service for while they’re getting settled, or a furniture store to help them fill their new space—and they’ll be grateful for the thought you put into taking care of them even after closing.

What’s Next

Ultimately, a closing gift doesn’t do the hard work of selling and closing for you, but it does help ensure clients keep talking about you long after they close on their home. If you have any questions about how using digital rewards as closing gifts can help expand your business, email us.

Written by Meagan Sarratt
Meagan is Tango Card’s product marketing manager. She helps get the word out about Rewards Genius and why it’s the perfect product for anyone looking to simplify their rewards program.

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