SaaSquatch: Automated Gift Cards Give Referrals a Boost

At Tango Card, we understand how overwhelming it can be for businesses to build their reward and incentive strategies. The goal of our case-study series is to shed light on how we’ve helped customers identify areas of struggle and then solve those issues with custom solutions.

SaaSquatch is a fully customizable referral, loyalty, and rewards platform for apps, digital services, and online stores. It was founded on the belief that the end customer experience always comes first, that friction is the enemy of conversion, and that the right reward turns a friend into a hero, not a salesperson.

Tango Card’s reward delivery API and catalog of digital gift cards is integrated into the SaaSquatch platform. We spoke with Jon Behune, vice president of customer success at SaaSquatch about its referral platform and how Tango Card’s integration streamlined the setup process for its customers, allowed them to attract a wider range of businesses to run loyalty programs, and made reward fulfillment a completely turn-key process.

Friction Is the Enemy of Conversion

“SaaSquatch is largely focused on subscription businesses, and the core problem we’re aiming to address is really empowering marketers to offer incentives to their customers. That’s anything from gift cards, to discounts, to account credits or physical swag. We enable them to do that in a matter where they don’t need to go back to their dev team every time they want to start a new program.” Said Behune.

He continued, “The core idea is that once we’re integrated, the marketing team can offer really seamless, frictionless experiences to their customers to ultimately grow lifetime value and to be able to offer any kind of incentive they want without having to redevelop and reimplement every time they want to change something,”

The proprietary platform makes it easy to run customized, multi-platform, refer-a-friend programs. For years, SaaSquatch has helped online businesses like LogMeIn, Tile App, and 99 Taxis harness the power of positive word of mouth to achieve the following:

  • Cost-effectively acquire higher valued customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce churn to maximize ROI

Limited Reward Offerings, Limited Business

Prior to working with Tango Card, SaaSquatch offered a limited range of reward options, including:

  • Internal credit
  • Discounts
  • Free time—a free month of service, for example
  • Coupons

The core problem with this approach was that it was severely limited and prevented SaaSquatch from being able to attract a wide range of businesses to run successful loyalty programs.

“Specifically, for B2B programs, we realized that credits weren’t that appealing to customers and that they weren’t that jazzed about saving their boss $20. Gift cards are really a way that we can target the reward to the end user and make sure that it’s something actually compelling for them to take that action,” explained Behune.

After receiving direct feedback from customers expressing their desire for expanded reward offerings, and comparing program performance based on conversion rates between discount rewards and gift cards in a B2B environment, SaaSquatch decided to partner with Tango Card.

Gift Cards Increased Program Participation

“If there’s an employee at a business and the reward isn’t compelling to them, they’re just not that likely to make a referral. But if they know that there’s something that’s actually in it for them, and something that they value personally, they’re much more likely to participate and we could directly see that in our data,” said Behune.

The breadth of Tango Card’s reward catalog—including international rewards—appealed to SaaSquatch since it has a number of international clients, primarily in Europe. SaaSquatch initially started working with Tango Card years ago using Blast Rewards, but has since moved onto using the RaaS API. This served as the ideal solution for SaaSquatch because it allowed customers to set up programs that automatically gave out gift cards as a reward for desired behaviors.

“Digital gift cards are an excellent alternative to providing cash rewards for loyalty programs. Our customers are able to select a gift card from Tango Card’s catalog that works for the regions and audience they are targeting. Gift card rewards are particularly valuable for our B2B customers who are looking to incentivize their customers to make referrals,” shared Behune.

Seamless Implementation, Light Workload, Huge Value

Integrating Tango Card’s suite of gift cards as a reward option helped SaaSquatch streamline the setup process for its customers, attract a wider range of businesses to run successful loyalty programs, and make reward fulfillment a completely turn key process.

As a result, Sasquatch was able to accomplish the following:

  • Increase program engagement and desired results of the program
  • Decrease operational time spent managing and fulfilling incentives
  • Increase cost savings in money and working capital

“SaaSquatch has been using Tango Card’s service since before the RaaS API and Rewards Genius platform, so it’s been great to see the capabilities and feature-set around integrations evolve,” shared Behune.

“One of the really nice things that we’ve done with the integration is that it’s fully turn key for our accounts. We’re typically not providing the gift cards ourselves, it’s actually our accounts that are rewarding their customers. So, we have it built-in that they can connect their Tango Card account directly with our platform, and they can configure their rewards fully within our product. It provides a manner that our accounts can directly access a full, international catalog of rewards completely from within our product in a very turn key fashion.”

Behune went on to explain, “That’s a huge value-add for us since our customers can approach rewarding an international audience without doing any of their own development work to support that, and that’s a very seamless implementation path, and a light workload with a huge amount of value behind it.”

To learn how integrating with Tango Card can make your rewards program a completely turn-key process, click here.

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