Reselling E-Gift Cards: 3 ½ Ways to Make Money Now

With industries across the country getting back to business, it’s the perfect time for companies to acknowledge their hardworking employees with gift cards and other digital rewards. Industry surveys show that 72% of companies give out gift cards.(1) Tap into this lucrative market by reselling Reward Link e-gift cards to your customers! Discover 3 ½ ways you can start making money now by reselling Tango Card’s Reward Link products.

1. Make a Consistent Margin

With flexible denominations ranging from $5 to $2,000, the reward possibilities are endless. When you purchase Reward Link directly from Tango Card, you’ll receive 2% to 5% discount off face value on orders of $50K or more. This gives you a consistent margin regardless of what gift card recipients choose.

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2. Add Your Own Fee

We're here to help you get the most out of the services you provide to your clients, so we don't charge additional fees. You have the option to add an administrative flat fee, percentage fee, or standard fee for the e-gift cards you sell. More flexibility and no Tango Card fees mean more profit in your pocket.

3. Customization and Branding Are Key

Reward Link digital rewards are easy to use and even easier to personalize. With your customers in mind, you can offer e-gift cards that feature their company logo, brand colors, personalized reward titles, gift messages, and curated e-gift card catalogs.

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3 ½. Global Reach and Instant Delivery

Reward Link has all your customers in mind. Our catalog includes over 350 global e-gift card brands, which ensures there's a reward for everyone. Plus, digital rewards are delivered immediately.

Tango Card empowers you to easily offer gift card rewards to your customers and we're here to support you.

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"We appreciate all your help with our program. It was a BIG hit for (our client). Also, there was absolutely no problems that we heard about, which made us look like champions in our customers eyes. Again, we are very appreciative!" 

(1) Incentive Research Foundation (IRF)

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