Refer-A-Friend Program Increases by 61-80% with Rewards

MileIQ is the leading mileage tracking and logging app that works in the background as you drive. Once MileIQ is installed, your miles are automatically logged and recorded creating a complete record of all your tax deductible and reimbursable mileage. In search of a reward provider to power their Refer-a-Friend program, MileIQ partnered with Tango Card for an API integration that’s saved them countless hours and increased referral rates by 61-80%.

How do you work with Tango Card?

We are integrated with the RaaS API.

Who do you send rewards to and for what reason?

We send rewards for employee engagement and referrals. Users receive $25 when their friends or colleagues upgrade to an annual subscription.

How long did it take to integrate with the RaaS API?

It took 1 month or less to integrate with the RaaS API.

How much time monthly do you spend maintaining your integration with the RaaS API?

About 1 hour of less is spent monthly managing the RaaS API integration.

Please rate the quality of Documentation provided by Tango Card?

The Documentation is good.

Please rate the level of support you received while working with Tango Card?

The level of support provided from Tango Card is excellent.

In regard to managing your program, how much has Tango Card helped with the following since implementation?

Since implementation, we have:

  • Reduced time spent managing/fulfilling rewards by 81-100%
  • Reduced cost associated with managing/fulfilling rewards by 0-20%
  • Increased referral rates by 61-80%

What’s your favorite part of the RaaS API?

Tango Card and the RaaS API are the underpinnings of our Refer-A-Friend program and have made it so much easier to automate the experience for our customers and save our employees time in manual administration. It’s saved us countless hours and made our program far easier to use.

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