Offer Digital Client Gifts This Holiday Season

The holiday season means major shopping. And your customers are looking for the best deals. As companies try different tactics to reward loyal customers and attract new business, some holiday incentives will work better than others.

Service discounts, free merchandise, opportunities to earn double points—there’s a lot of competition this time of year. But not all customers are compelled by a discount or want to deal with another complicated points system, leaving you wondering how to stand out in a noisy space. Our recommendation? Keep things simple.

Give the Gift of Choice

When it comes to receiving gifts and incentives, your customers love having a choice. And the ability to choose is exactly what gift cards provide. This year you can attract new business and reward loyal customers by letting them choose their own gifts with Reward Link®.

Reward Link is the fastest, easiest way to send a choice of gift cards instantly though email. Your customers simply click the redemption URL in their email, directing them to a reward catalog filled with 100+ digital gift cards to choose from.

With a choice of over 100 digital gift cards—paired with the ability to redeem Reward Link with multiple retailers—your clients will be spoilt for choice. And you’ll relieve yourself of the guesswork, time, and money involved in choosing the most effective gifts and incentives.

Digital Client Gifts and Incentives Are Effective

Gift cards allow your customers to choose the gifts that motivate them the most. How do we know gift cards are effective? According to Northstar Meetings Group, “First Data research reveals that 61 percent of customers say they prefer to receive a gift card over a coupon or bonus as a reward for loyalty.” We also asked 19 companies that use our reward solutions for referrals and found that over half experienced a 61%–100% increase in referrals since implementing Reward Link.

Along with driving desired behaviors, digital gift cards also effectively save you time and money. Out of 119 companies we surveyed, 88% have saved time, and 68% have saved money since partnering with us for their rewards.

How to Deliver Gift Cards with a Personalized Touch

Reward Link is our most popular solution—and for a good reason. It’s the fastest, easiest way to send a choice of gift cards via email. Our email templates can be customized with a personal message, ensuring the rewards you send leave a lasting impression. Plus, we offer a variety of holiday-themed email templates and gift card designs.

Some of our customers take customization a step further to create a reward experience aligned with their company’s brand and messaging. With our standard Reward Link offering, you can send unique email templates with branded headers and personalized messages. To make your Reward Link stand out with additional customization options, you can pay a one-time set-up fee of $450.

The Reward Experience for Recipients

Curious what the reward experience is like for recipients? They simply click the URL in the email and choose the gift card they want! Check out the experience for yourself with this demo.

Selecting effective client gifts for the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. With Reward Link, you can send customized digital gifts to all your customers—both old and new—while standing out among the competition. Visit our website and learn how we can help streamline the way you send client gifts this year.

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