McGraw-Hill + Tango Card: A Textbook Example of Utilizing Digital Rewards

McGraw-Hill is a learning science company and educational publisher that relies on subject matter experts’ reviews of textbooks to stay relevant and contribute to the science of learning. McGraw-Hill began working with Tango Card to provide digital rewards (e-gift cards and nonprofit donations) that increase engagement from research participants and lower payment disbursement costs. We chatted with Shivani Bhatia, Business Director at McGraw-Hill, to learn how she works with Tango Card to deliver instant rewards and honorarium to research participants.

Who do you currently send rewards to?

Employees, customers, and research participants.

How do you work with Tango Card?

Bulk ordering through Blast Rewards and ordering a file of reward codes.

What kind of rewards do you use in your programs?

Gift cards, nonprofit donations.

Before working with Tango Card, how did you fulfill rewards?

Processed checks/deposits/disbursements.

What were some challenges you dealt with prior to working with Tango Card?

  • Spent a lot of time purchasing and fulfilling incentives.
  • Dealt with high/fees costs associated with fulfilling rewards.
  • Struggled with tracking/handling lost rewards.
  • Took too long for rewards to be delivered.
  • Lacked customer support for reward recipients.

What kind of benefits have you seen as a result of working with Tango Card?

  • Reduced the amount of time spent managing and fulfilling rewards by 61-80%.
  • Reduced the cost of managing and fulfilling rewards by 81-100%.
  • Increased desired business by 81-100%.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Increased reward recipient happiness.
  • Delivered rewards faster and on-time more often.

McGraw-Hill is a textbook use case example of how payment disbursements can be made simpler, in turn saving you time and money. Interested in learning how your own program can utilize rewards and incentives? Check out

About McGraw-Hill

McGraw-Hill Education is an American learning science company and one of the “big three” educational publishers that provides customized educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education. By partnering with educators around the globe, their learning engineers, content developers, and pedagogical experts are developing increasingly open learning ecosystems that are proven to improve pass rates, elevate grades and increase engagement for each individual learner while improving outcomes for all.

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About Tango Card

Tango Card makes it easy for you to send digital gift cards as rewards and incentives to customers and employees. they make three promises to all of their partners: Great rewards, Expert service, and Helpful technology. Tango Card’s Gift Card API and instant reward platforms allow for easy, effective and timely rewards whether you need a deep integration or a same-day campaign. tango Card manages all the details of a rewards program so that you can focus on your business. Hundreds of companies have sent millions of rewards through Tango Card’s services and over 99% become returning customers, a testament to Tango Card’s partnership approach. Choose Tango Card as your rewards partner and uncover real, immediate results.

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