Jiff + Tango Card: Rewarding Healthy Employees One Step at a Time

We sat down with Molly Andruszkiecz, Director of Growth for Jiff, who explained how integrating with Tango Card provides a rewards solution in many categories, including sparking employee interest and focus in making small adjustments to their daily habits while making healthy behavior change fun.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Molly. Can you describe Jiff and what you do for your customers?

At Jiff we believe that businesses are spending too much on healthcare and getting too little for it. Some have tried to share more of the costs with employees – but most employees lack the insights and time to make smarter healthcare choices.

Many enterprises have added new benefits, services, and tools that promise to improve health, boost productivity, and reduce costs. But, as new programs add up, enterprises are left with a tangle of benefits and incentives that are almost impossible to manage. Employees are bombarded with daily emails pushing them to one-size-fits-all solutions that, ultimately, few will use. Instead of reducing healthcare costs, these programs burn through budgets with no real effect.

Jiff is on a mission to help enterprises lower healthcare costs and make their employees healthier.  Jiff does this aggregating an employer’s health and wellbeing vendors into one place, curating the relevant ones for each employee, and incentivizing each employee to use the solutions that create the most value.

With smart benefits and brilliant design, Jiff lifts the burden of rising healthcare costs from enterprises. We bring better health to the people who are the lifeblood of any business – so that everyone benefits.

Awesome! How do you use rewards/incentives?

At Jiff, we believe incentives are a powerful lever for driving employee engagement and for promoting healthy habits.

We use incentives to drive the following:

  • Spark employee interest in making small adjustments to their daily health habits.
  • Sharpen employee focus on specific health needs or goals.
  • Make behavior change fun.

Jiff’s incentives program runs on an economy of points. Employees earn points for completing a variety of rewardable actions, which take advantage of the deep integrations with both our customer’s benefits services as well as our partner ecosystem. Employees later redeem points for prizes in our Rewards Center.

That sounds like a great program. How do you work with Tango Card specifically?

Jiff works with Tango Card to provide digital rewards through our Rewards Center. Each Jiff customer configures the Rewards Center with the items that are representative of their unique populations. Jiff’s partnership with Tango Card gives customers the ability to offer a wide range of rewards in order to drive employee engagement.

How are digital gift cards valuable to you?

Self-Determination Theory tells us that external motivators are more effective when people are bought into the goals. This is supported by empowering end users of the Jiff platform with choice.

It makes sense, what motivates you is obviously going to differ from what motivates me.

Digital gift cards allow Jiff to offer a comprehensive Rewards Center where different rewards motivate different individuals.

What are the added benefits you see of having an integrated rewards solution?

Fundamentally, having an integrated rewards solution is what allows our incentives to be consumer-driven, micro-behavior driven, and habit-forming. Here’s why:

  • Consumer Driven: Employees can choose from a menu of ways to earn points (curated by employers). Employees can also pick their desired rewards to spend points on.
  • Micro Behavior Driven: Employees earn points for completing next-best-action (not just the first/last action in a series).
  • Habit Forming: Employees have the opportunity to earn points and redeem them for rewards, every day.

Finally, an integrated rewards solution creates the best possible user experience to drive engagement. Period.

For you, what are the specific benefits of working with Tango Card? Have you seen any increase or decrease in user engagement and participation?

Jiff knows that giving users choice on how to spend their rewards points increases engagement. Tango’s broad catalog has allowed us to increase user engagement in our platform by giving choice.

That’s great! What about in operational time spent managing and fulfilling incentives?

  • 85% decrease in the operational burden of managing and fulfilling incentives.
  • 20x annual increase in the volume of rewards fulfilled for our customers without having to add any additional internal resources.
  • Tango’s customer support team is able to handle user-support issues with rewards that Jiff previously would have needed to handle.

We love hearing that! Are there any specific ways in which Tango Card has demonstrated a commitment to Partnership?

When customers come to Jiff with specific rewards requests, Tango Card’s business development team has always been a collaborative partner and worked with Jiff in adding new gift cards as needed.

About Jiff

By delivering personalized incentives, real-time data analytics, and a beautifully-designed experience, Jiff’s enterprise health benefits platform targets individual employee cost drivers and increases utilization of services proven to save money. Jiff is led by veteran healthcare and technology leaders and serves some of the largest employers in the world.

Learn more at www.jiff.com

About Tango Card

Tango Card makes it easy for you to send digital gift cards as rewards and incentives to customers and employees. they make three promises to all of their partners: Great rewards, Expert service, and Helpful technology. Tango Card’s Gift Card API and instant reward platforms allow for easy, effective and timely rewards whether you need a deep integration or same-day campaign. Tango Card manages all the details of a rewards program so that you can focus on your business. Hundreds of companies have sent millions of rewards through Tango Card’s services and over 99% become returning customers, a testament to Tango Card’s partnership approach.  Choose Tango Card as your rewards partner and uncover real, immediate results.

Learn more at www.tangocard.com.

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