How to stand out with easy sales incentives this holiday season

Powerful, desirable incentives can go a long way in helping you reach your sales goals. They can help you stand out from the competition, capture customers’ attention, and encourage customers to act. As companies try different tactics to retain loyal customers and attract new business this holiday season, some incentives will work better than others. Our recommendation? Keep things simple with easy sales incentives.

Easy holiday sales incentives

Ready to start implementing incentives? Here are a few sales incentives you can implement quickly and easily:

Demo incentives

Your customers’ time is valuable. Stand out from the competition while showing respect
for customers’ time with demo incentives. These can be as low as $5 for a cup of coffee
during the demo or as high as $150 after completing a demo.

Purchase incentives

Instead of setting up a complicated and expensive point system, offer simple incentives
with select purchases. Even a low value digital reward can go a long way in incentivizing
potential customers. With a reward partner like Tango, you can allow customers to select
their own incentives while maximizing your budget.

Customer referral incentives

Do your current customers love your products or services? Encourage them to provide a
referral with digital incentives. They can receive a gift card upon providing a prospective
customer’s information or after the new customer completes a purchase. You can also
offer a small reward to referred customers upon their first purchase.

Contract renewal incentives

Trying to get a customer to renew their contract or membership? Try offering an
incentive for their continued business. If they aren’t able to accept gifts or incentives, try
offering a charitable donation of their choice.

How we use customer incentives

We don’t just offer gift cards and incentive solutions at Tango—we use them. Every day, we incentivize our target audiences with digital gift cards that drive meaningful results. Here’s how we do it:

Paid media and advertising

We started using digital gift cards to drive leads in Q3 of 2022. We started by testing incentivized ads and saw a large increase in lead generation through paid social, specifically LinkedIn. The incentivized ads were such a success that in Q1 of 2023, we expanded the same effort to our third-party media partnerships, which included web banners, newsletters, and sponsored articles. Tango’s paid media channels now provide 100 sales-qualified leads per month, on average. Incentives took this channel from producing nothing to now being one our highest drivers of leads and SQLs.

Customer referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing and customer referrals are an important part of Tango’s lead-generating efforts. At the end of 2021, the marketing team implemented a referral incentive program to reward customers who refer prospective customers. After a year, the team increased the referral incentive and saw a significant increase in referrals. This is currently Tango’s lowest cost of acquisition channel.

Trade shows

Trade shows and conferences provide great exposure for the Tango brand. However, getting leads from those events can be challenging. Our sales team finds that small sales incentives help them initiate conversations and draw attendees to the Tango booth. Since implementing these small incentives at events, our sales representatives have seen a significant increase in booth visitors and lead generation. Prospects love incentives and want to see how Tango delivers them—even if it’s only enough for a coffee.

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