E-Gift Cards Improve Blood Donor Campaign Performance

For many years, a humanitarian organization has run incentive campaigns aimed toward blood donors during periods of significant supply shortages. We partnered with this organization to overcome the challenge of dealing with multiple gift-card vendors and to reinforce its message by providing branded communication via e-gift cards.  

The Challenge

The organization relies on community donations to support its blood-donor program, using consumer incentive campaigns to achieve the following outcomes:  

  • Drive program participation  
  • Generate stronger loyalty bonds
  • Reach established program goals

At the beginning of our partnership, donors targeted during an incentive campaign were motivated to give when they received e-gift cards that came with the organization’s branding and a personal message of thanks—as well as the donor’s choice of popular gift-card brands. Once this solution met core program requirements, the organization identified two additional needs:  

  • Figure out how to further extend the value of its incentive budget
  • Offer intrinsically motivated donors a chance to accept or decline incentives

After creating an in-house solution to give donors the option to claim or decline incentives, the organization decided the process was too time consuming and costly to manage for every incentive campaign. The organization turned to us to help increase efficiencies and provide donors with a seamless reward experience.  

Three-Pronged Solution

We introduced a three-pronged solution to help the organization more efficiently manage individual donor campaigns while also providing insights into the top reward selections for various donor segments. Those solutions included the following:

  • A reward-acceptance option that allows the organization to reinvest unclaimed incentives
  • Administration portal with simplified processing, campaign-tracking, and customer-service tools
  • Fully branded reward experience

We also developed and enacted a communications plan between us and the organization to quickly and accurately address donor inquiries.  


The organization reduced the cost of its blood-donor program’s incentives by approximately 50% compared to traditional incentives without an acceptance option. Because of these budget savings, the organization was able to run significantly more campaigns and quickly reduce blood supply shortages.  

What’s Next?

For more information about how incentives can bolster participation in your next blood-donor campaign, email us.  

Written by Meagan Sarratt Meagan is Tango Card’s product marketing manager. She helps get the word out about Rewards Genius and why it’s the perfect product for anyone looking to simplify their rewards program.

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