Digital rewards add major value to gamification platform Centrical

Centrical: Next-gen Employee Engagement and Performance

Centrical offers an innovative, proven-effective employee engagement and performance management platform. It uniquely combines personalized microlearning and real-time performance management with advanced gamification to help align employees with company goals and facilitate conversations with managers about targets and performance. Centrical is used by many of the world’s leading contact centers and BPOs to improve employee performance.

Rewards Come into Play

Tango Card’s gift card api has been integrated into the Centrical platform to provide gift card redemption options for employees who have earned points and virtual coins.

Centrical helps contact centers employ gamification to encourage employees to embark on learning missions and achieve performance targets, such as sales, NPS, and AHT. Points are awarded when targets are reached or learning activities are completed. Depending on the desired outcome or behaviors, those points are then translated into virtual coins. With virtual coins in hand, employees can redeem for real rewards from the virtual store.

“Before Tango was integrated with the Centrical platform, customers had to handle fulfillment manually. As a result, some of our customers opted not to implement a virtual store. They simply didn’t want to deal with fulfillment,” says Yossi Ben Ishay, Centrical vice president of product. “Having rewards available via a virtual store is a key element to getting higher engagement and better performance. It makes our solution that much more effective.”

Additional Benefits of Integrated Digital Gift Cards

Before the integration with Tango Card, Centrical’s reward mix was provided by the customer using the platform. This led to a reward catalog consisting of company swag, pizza parties, and other items companies could easily fulfill—but not necessarily what employees most wanted. Although it’s important to offer company swag and team-building exercises, adding digital gift cards delivers the power of choice and the ease of automated fulfillment—a true value add to the Centrical platform.

While the integration is relatively new, according to Yossi there are a couple of areas where Centrical has seen immediate anecdotal improvement:

1) Boosting employee performance:

“Digital rewards, always available and delivered immediately, provide a stronger incentive for employees to exceed their goals and complete their learning missions, which boosts employee performance.”

2) Improving operational time spent managing and fulfilling incentives:

“Some of our customers had a dedicated person (30% of their time) to deal with fulfillment. Automating the process saves that time and, importantly, significantly increases the number of rewards our customers can offer their employees, increasing their satisfaction as well as customers. “

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