Case study: Tango and Covr

Covr is a workforce management system for nursing homes and senior living communities. In the long-term care market, facilities are required to meticulously manage their labor force—from enforcing minimum staff-to-patient ratios to providing rest and meal breaks. Covr’s solution makes it easier for staff schedulers to communicate with their team and get the right number of employees for every shift.

In addition to its scheduling and texting solutions, Covr has a meal-compliance tool that’s particularly useful in California, a state with strict regulations. This tool includes an incentive component that rewards employees for participating, which is where Tango Card comes in.

Incentivizing Meal Compliance

There are two ways employees can win a digital gift card using Covr’s meal-compliance tool:

1. Employees who have perfect meal break compliance—meaning they’ve taken their meal breaks at the right time and for the right length of time—are entered into a drawing for a chance to win.

2. The second group of employees are asked to complete a digital questionnaire about their meal break infractions. Employees who successfully answer the questionnaire are entered into a separate drawing. Drawing winners receive a text message with a link to claim their reward. They click the link and are directed to a reward catalog where they can choose from a selection of digital gift cards.

Our clients and their employees enjoy a seamless experience thanks to Tango’s gift card API and all the effort by the developers and product designers.

- Ramon Smith, Co-Founder of Covr


In the weeks leading up to Covr’s launch, Ramon’s team decided to add an incentive component to boost employee participation. “The original idea was very manual. It would have been too labor intensive to buy, deliver, and charge our customers for gift cards,” he explains. The final solution needed to be something quick, easy to implement at the code evel, and require no manual management.

In addition, his team needed to help customers understand the value of using an incentive component within the tool. “Some employers were a little worried about the gift cards. They’re trying to reduce costs and the thought of giving money away didn’t make sense to them at first,” explains Ramon.


Covr uses our Rewards as a Service (RaaS®) API to order gift cards for its clients’ employees. Reward Links are sent to employees via text message through Covr’s own messaging tool. “Tango Card has made its gift card API very simple to use, which is very important for our support staff who don’t interact with code or need to log in very often. The easy UI also allows our accounting team to pull reports and answer any other questions they have,” explains Ramon.

A Look at the Implementation Process

In less than two weeks, Ramon’s designers and developers were able to build Covr’s entire incentives component—from nothing to a complete functioning system. “The fact that we were able to do it so quickly speaks volumes to the design team and developers of the Tango Card API. They really made the implementation process quick, smooth, and painless,” explains Ramon.


The decision to incorporate Tango Card was last minute but drastically decreased the potential incentives are rewarding the behavior they want and helping to reduce their overall financial and legal liability. The random drawing and our overall approach to incentives is a low barrier of entry, and very effective in producing results.

Better Employee Experiences

“Many of the employees who use our system are pleasantly surprised because today, employers are pushing work and compliance. Everyone feels overworked, undervalued, and underappreciated. These digital gift cards help our clients’ employees feel like their efforts are rewarded for going above and beyond everyday standards. This helps create a sense of appreciation and recognition,” explains Ramon.

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