Tango Card acquires GiftCertificates.com

All of us at Tango Card are thrilled to announce we’ve officially acquired GiftCertificates.com (GC.com). It’s exciting news that makes us even more optimistic for the future of Tango Card. You can read the official announcement here, but for a quick look at the key factors that led to this acquisition, read further.

Factor #1: A Long-Lasting Legacy

GC.com was founded in 1997 as one of the first gift-card brand aggregators in the market. Started with the vision to bring together great merchant partners and make them available to consumers and businesses, GC.com built a successful and lasting company that’s taken care of its customers for more than 20 years.

With this acquisition, Tango Card will add hundreds of customers and strategic-merchant relationships as well as an incredibly experienced and passionate team based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Factor #2: An Involved Funding Partner

Tango Card raised a round of funding in May 2018 from FTV Capital. This investment was more than just financial—FTV has since become a true partner to Tango Card equally focused in growing our market share in the B2B incentive-and-rewards space. In pursuit of that goal, FTV invested an additional $10 million in capital to help fund this acquisition.

Factor #3: Market Growth

The gift-card market has seen tremendous growth in past years—specifically in digital gift cards. Because of this pattern of growth, we believe our delivery platform and digital API can provide additional value to existing GC.com customers and that ultimately, we’ll be able to deliver better service, offer more options, and continue to grow.

We’re excited to bring together Tango Card and GC.com, and we’re as focused as ever on doing a great job for our customers and brand partners. Combined, we now have 130 employees with offices in Seattle, Boise, and Omaha, which means we’re more able than ever to serve your needs.

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