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What to expect

Streamline the way you send rewards and give your recipients an elevated reward experience. With Rewards Genius, it’s easy. Here’s what to expect.

200+ reward options

Recipients get their pick of 200+ popular digital gift cards.

Instant delivery

Recipients receive their digital gift cards instantly through email.

Streamlined redemption

Recipients simply click the redemption link in their reward email and select the digital gift cards of their choice.

Recipient support

We offer free customer support to your recipients, so you’re not left answering questions.

Built-in reporting

Quickly download and organize reports to meet different business needs within your company.

How to sign up for your Rewards Genius dashboard

1. LoyaltyGator will provide you with a UI deck. Please complete the deck and send it to your Tango sales representative.  

2. Register for a Rewards Genius dashboard. You can refer to the Getting Started Guide when registering. Please note, you must agree to our terms and conditions to register.  

3. Receive access to your Rewards Genius dashboard within 1–3 business days. 

4. Add funds to your account via wire transfer, check, credit card, or ACH. Please note, you’ll be charged a 3.5% fee to use your credit card. 

5. Inform your Tango sales representative that you’re setting up an integration with Loyalty Gator and they’ll pair you with an onboarding representative.

How to access your Production API Key

- Confirm your targeted launch date with us.

- Keep an eye out for an invitation to yourRewards Genius sandbox platform. From your platform, you’ll generate an API key for testing purposes. Our API documentation is available here.

- Complete the UI deck provided by Loyalty Gator.

- Please confirm your following contacts


Contact kasia.weldon@tangocard.com with any questions or for more information.